Abdl sissy stories

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Does anyone wanna know what happens when you get home from the Special Place? Or what further adventures you should have as a baby girl… a day at the beach? Your old school? Spending a day with your step dad? The first winner of the 6K competition is hypnodips who had some nice words to say about one of my captions.

This caption is for you, hope it ticks some of the same boxes! To get a chance at a free caption, comment on or reblog your favourite caption of mine, saying what you enjoy about it, using the tag 6K. Of those, probably mind control and forced femme are my hot topics. But you probably realised that by now.

I finished the special place and it was pretty fun! Sometimes things got boring the preschool scenes are not really my thing but the whole lisp and mental blocks thing was awesome. Also I love the two darker finals raul and the special place. Glad you liked most of it. I always found that the captions and stories I could find out there never quite scratched the particular itch I had, hence creating stuff myself.

I think the same may be true for most creators out there. Hey, by the way everyone, my asks are open so Ask Me Anything. You never know it might spur me into caption creation mode. Originally posted by safflowerseason. I posted this set a while ago, but it got deleted. Re-posting this because kinda selfishly I want to see if I can make it go over notes.

The further adventures of Bobby. The prequel is here , should there be more? Posts Likes Ask me anything Archive. Mind control - yep a lot. Forced femme and gender reversal - of course! Lesbians - um, nah. See this in the app Show more. Recently Liked.

Abdl sissy stories

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