Agron and nasir scenes

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Meanwhile, on the way back from the mission, Agron does some fretting of his own. Then he learned that the stories his body told would give him so much more. Meeting Spartacus and loving Agron shows him a new path - the power of combining both. Bonds by stainedgray Rating: Explicit It was late; far too late for any person to yet be awake. And still, he knew instantly who it was, the gentle stranger that had spread a soft hand across his chest. Spoilers from Episode 6. Agron likes it not. Cruel fate by Moriya Rating: Mature Agron finds out something very surprising about Nasir in the most unexpected way and has to decide severel important decisions.

Deconstruct, a memoir by Aeternium Rating: Mature A love story in four kisses and what comes after. Arcing from 2xx Rated for language, no explicit slash. He looks to Agron for comfort. Agron watches and then touches with fire in his heart.

He gains much. Gods Favor Me, The by Sandstone-dreams Rating: Mature Agron returns to Nasir after the burning of the arena, and they both provide comfort and love to each other, while trying to keep the rebellion alive. When the group liberates a villa, the gladiator Agron encounters a former body slave named Nasir. The following is their story. Interruption by Emptypalm Rating: Mature In the midst of private time, the rebel leader interrupts his right-hand man with news.

Jealous Nasir by Emptypalm Rating: Explicit Nasir jumped in his surprise at finding Naevia so close to his side, meaning only one of two things…. Leather necklaces may or may not be involved. What happens after Agron and Spartacus have that unpleasant conversation in the temple? Love in deed by Herlovewasajoke Rating: Mature It was easy to tell when angry words had passed between Agron and Crixus, though Nasir did thank the gods that it seemed to happen with less frequency now than before.

Who does Saxa think she is, laying her hands all over his man? Magnus opus by LeTempest Rating: Explicit Agron liked to think that he was not easily surprised, liked to think that he could determine the actions of his opponent in time to defend against them.

Once again, the Syrian was there to proven him wrong. Memories by Sandstone-dreams Rating: General Nasir listens as Agron tells him stories of the trouble he and Duro got into as children. Mercy by Agggron Rating: Explicit While the rest of the rebellion sleeps, Agron and Nasir satiate their desire for one another. Monster by Sandstone-dreams Rating: Mature Agron loses control, when he almost loses his heart. Agron and Nasir begin to understand each other, and unknowingly give the other a reason to fight. Nasir believes them capable of learning. Spoilers from Episode 5.

Warning: vivid description of burn wounds. Nasir topping by Emptypalm Rating: Explicit A rare night of peace and quiet, with a room that could be considered their own and every member of the rebel legion warned against interruption at the cost of their life. Of blue eyes and grinning Germans by TheKlaineTrain Rating: General Nasir had never really trusted men with blue eyes, a feeling that was built up and strengthened with every Dominus he was passed on to. But Agron was different. Spoilers for episode 2.

Soft kisses and whispers of love? There had to be a story there. Servus Amoris by Nayarit Rating: Explicit Nasir had been a slave all his life, but to remove constraints of servitude would not be as simple as breaking the shackles. And to be so bound by another was the last thing Nasir expected.

Slow, hot, and erotic by Emptypalm Rating: Explicit A day of rest is best spent in the arms of someone else. Small triumphs by Slipthoughknot Rating: General The moments tucked in between heated battles and weapons drawn, when Nasir chooses to tell a story. Solace by VintageJacqui Rating: Mature The rebels decide to stay in the latest villa they have overtaken. Nasir finds something he has missed since he was freed and wants to share it with Agron. Spartacus Comment Drabbles by candy-belle Rating: Mature A series of drabbles and ficcets based on comment prompts left on Lj.

This little collection feature Agron and Nasir. What more can be said? He understands the emptiness within his soul when Nasir blesses him with a small, weak smile and he is made whole again. When Spartacus took that from me, I replaced it with rage. Tonight, tonight by Kiitos Rating: Mature One night spent together. Or Agron and Nasir and a safe-word. Post episode five of Vengeance. The violence level is consistent with the show. Us painless, us blameless by Laueyette Rating: Explicit Nasir finds his own power.

Nasir then and now. He has an apology to make to Agron, and not just for the light he shed on their lie to Crixus. The Syrian has had prying eyes, and yet Agron might not be so displeased. Romance ensues.

Nasir watches Agron masturbate. You Are The Blood by Agggron Rating: Mature Agron and Nasir encounter Roman soldiers on the road and in the ensuing fight, one is called closer and closer to the afterlife. Beginnings Part one by Albioccca Rating:??? As a student of history, I tried to answer them. Beginnings Part two by Albioccca Rating:??? Agron thinks his brother is an idiot.

Duro is an idiot. They both learn some things. Free to paint the wind crimson by Aeternium Rating: Explicit Surviving the rebellion was the easy part. Coming home is a different matter. Character death, angst, tragedy, more character death. He has killed and killed, but he cannot kill all of Rome. Archive Random Message Theme Return? The Library Welcome to the Nagron Library - index of the Nagron fanfiction created for your better and more comfortable orientation. This site is currently under construction. Once again, the Syrian was there to proven him wrong Memories by Sandstone-dreams Rating: General Nasir listens as Agron tells him stories of the trouble he and Duro got into as children.

Agron and nasir scenes

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