Alphys undertale cosplay

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You cant tell me Undyne and Alphys wouldn't immediatly start cosplaying and going to various conventions as soon as they were let out of Mt Ebbot. Gaster lmao, this time the ink demon. Im trying to make my way through "Enterprise" at the moment and I don't hate it either Don't love it though. Q: Are you male or female? A: Cartoons! A: I make sure to think and choose what I think is best.

A: There has to be a way to save both, I risk my own life for another way. A: I would cosplay instead. In most situations you like to make yourself heard by all those around you. However it isn't often that you really say anything about how you feel, you live for the moment. People around you always seem to smile because of you and you have the potential to be an excellent friend even though you can make odd decisions. You tend to do weird things around people that makes them wonder what you're doing, but they love you for all of your strange quirks.

A: I stay out of it, I hate making decisions. In most situations you like to help anyone you can, even if they're being ridiculous. However sometimes you can be demanding or bossy when you don't get your way.

In these situations you can feel heartbroken from other people's decisions, especially if they're violent. You want everyone to get along with most everyone and everyone absolutely adores your nurturing nature. Your sweetness is what makes you so lovable. A: Both! A: I agree with whoever else is there. A: Ghost! In most situations you don't bother being serious to anyone, as you enjoy making the ones you love smile with pranks and puns.

However deep inside you are an intellectual with many secrets that you'd hate to burden others with. When it comes down to it you can be extremely serious when you're hurt, and will stop at nothing to get your revenge. Seemingly on the outside you also appear as fairly lazy which you are, but you're very strong when you need to be anyway. A: Neither A: I would sacrifice the hundred for the one I love.

A: Scarecrow! In most situations you come off as frightening and tough, but on the inside have many emotions swirling around in your mind. All you truly want is someone you love to love you back. Your loyalty to those around you is undying, and you will do anything to keep them there even if it means acting out irrationally. You love with your whole heart, and think with your whole mind leaving no space in-between. A: I make a quick decision without thinking. All the time you keep to your views, but never openly share them with others except for close friends.

You don't care much for other people and lack a lot of empathy for those around you. In the end you are very determined, and crave immense amounts of power. You never regret the decisions you make. In most situations you don't really like to talk much, which makes others come up with assumptions about you.

However you stay true to yourself, never letting others make decisions for you. Overall you tend to avoid conflict and will always do anything you can to avoid hurting someone. Sometimes though you do make mistakes like everyone does once in awhile, and you can be unforgiving to yourself for them. You always fix what you can and you always stay determined. A: Anime! A: Pumpkin! In most situations you tend to tell people what they want to hear without thinking of any of the consequences. However in the long run your lying catches up to you and you have a difficult time facing the truth.

Although regardless of this you always end up doing the right thing as you are full of sympathy. You also can be quite the nerd enjoying the oddest of things, but that's what makes you the way you are. View Full. Ok I had to, this was fun. I may be working on an Alphys cosplay. I was a little newbie cosplayer so much has changed haha undertale undertale cosplay mettaton mettaton ex Doctor alphys alphys.

Formal wear for September 15th. PS: This is only the characters I know of, which Huey: Q: Are you male or female? Dewey: Q: Are you male or female? Louie: Q: Are you male or female? Beakley: Q: Are you male or female? Della Duck: Q: Are you male or female? Duckworth: Q: Are you male or female? Show More.

Alphys undertale cosplay

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