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Wanted to post this yesterday but was too tired lol I also used this drawing as an opportunity to play around with da background. No one is getting in on my sexy time on the spin cycle in the laundry room basement! Not now, not ever! Stamos time, forever, bitches! I'm watching American Dad, and Francine mentioned Batman's origin story.

Of course, for comedic purposes, she erroneously stated that Batman's parents were bats. So, now, I'm thinking that there should be a new Batman AU where he actually was raised by bats. I have no ideas for this AU, so feel free to contribute.

I have a homing device under the skin in my arm pit, so we should get out soon. The fun part is when the CIA uses those little Men-In-Black pen thingies on the staff, and wipe the memories of the entire precinct. Then they scrub the records and burn the files! Give ME a hundred beers too! And none of that bottle jizz you pass off as domestic! Give us the good stuff from the tap and keep it coming! Are cabs still around? Or are people only getting mugged from Uber drivers now? Note the fish as Joker.

Another Langley Falls couple pumping iron: Tom and Cami! For those who are familiar with American Dad! After their cameo as ing the gym in the episode where Francine became a bodybuilder, I decided to give them the bodybuilding treatment. Tom and Cami developed a new lifestyle as bodybuilders! Francine smith Tumblr posts. View Full. Pink-Tober Francine Smith. Welcome, Smith Family! Francine does the meme pose. You crack me up, Linda! Beth Smith trying on Francine's pink dress.

Funny American Dad icons. American dad americandad the smiths roger roger personas Francine smith Haley smith steve smith icons American dad icons. Exactly one hundred. Thank you. So Francine Smith and Beth Smith walk into a bar no relation. This was posted by Aqualad.. Show More.

American dad franny fanny

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