Anna friel pregnant

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Marcella is having a tough old time of it in series two. Anna Friel, the actress who brings this tormented anti-heroine to life, admits that playing Marcella takes its toll. It used to take me 45 minutes [to get to set] from Windsor.

Friel could have dodged all the baggage that comes with playing Marcella, it turns out, as she reveals she almost withdrew from the role. Of course, Friel did not pull out — far from it. She threw herself right into the part, winning an Emmy for her performance as Marcella last year after Netflix brought it to audiences in the US, and even sustaining numerous injuries during filming. The second series has not been without occupational hazards of its own: she broke off half a fingernail when shooting a fight scene on day one.

Another change for series two is that Marcella will really begin to delve deep into why she suffers from dissociative fugues and how to cope with them. Butterfly, which will air on ITV later this year, centres on Max, a schoolboy who identifies as a girl. Friel plays his mother, and the actress has become very involved with the issue. in. Back to Main menu What to watch Film news. Anna Friel with her Emmy Getty. All about Marcella. Subscribe today. Promoted by RadioTimes. .

Anna friel pregnant

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