Ashley broad husband

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Ashley does not always post pictures of herself with her husband on social media, but she does mention him on occasion. After only a few years of marriage, Ashely and Jordan welcomed a son into their home. Ashley Gold is involved in a variety of activities. From business to television, blogging, deing jewelry and accessories, and running her website, she has done it all.

Les Gold has accomplished a lot in his 41 years. It became a huge hit after episodes were aired. Many people across the country now watch and enjoy it. Ashley later left the show because she felt it was taking up too much of her time and limiting her time with her family. Les Gold also expressed her dissatisfaction with the constant attention and drama she was receiving as a result of the show. Les went ahead and created her website and company, Ashley Gold.

She uses the website to connect with customers who are interested in the jewelry and accessories she creates. Ashley also works as a radio host and is the host of the Radio Chick. This is a show where she gets to interview celebrities such as Jerry Springer. Ashley not only interviews celebrities on the show, but she also discusses a variety of other topics. Occasionally, the star appears as a guest on various shows. Ashley is also a blogger, and she frequently discusses Hollywood and the latest jewelry.

She is also a producer, best known for Fox and Friends, which aired in , and Home and Family, which debuted in Ashley Broad was born in Michigan on January 7, Along with Ashley, the entire Gold family could be seen on the reality show Hardware Pawn on occasion. She frequently mentions her parents on social media and never fails to wish them a happy birthday. Despite her hectic schedule, she undoubtedly has a close relationship with her family members. Ashley, who stands 5 feet 3 inches tall, has struggled with body issues for a long time. When her doctor told her she was obese and weighed pounds, she cut out all unhealthy foods from her diet.

Some speculated that she was lying about her weight loss, but she proudly flaunts her healthier body on social media and is proud of her accomplishment! Television Producer. Tags: Television Producer. You may also like.

Ashley broad husband

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