Banana enema recipe

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By DailyDi , October 2, in I have to admit, this really intrigues me even though messing is not something I normally consider at all. Two questions for those who've tried it: 1. Do you clean yourself out before beginning the process? Has anyone experienced any lingering or unexpected side effects, no problems with a surprise infection from the bananas, no problems returning to normal once the glycerin is out of the system?

Flea 9 posts. October 3, This comes to mind whenever I think about "Banana Play", it's been posted everywhere. February 29, Hey everyone after i read this blog i tried it and i love it it felt so real and after my banana accident i let loose my bladder so i have a full diaper right know and ill defiantly be doing this agai. Well I admit that I attempted the banana and tampon trick once myself.

I took two bananas and stuck 1 supository, banana, 2 suposatories, another banana and on last suposatory and got dispersed up and of to bed. I was intruded by it cause I wanted to see if I would actually void with put control while I was sleep. It didnt really work out as I planed.

I went to bed full and awoke full never released on its own like I read. It was a little fun doing it myself and it had no bad smell but not what I was looking for. I did feel a little crampy afterwards but no really side effect for me.

I may have used the wrong suposatory though. Not sure. And it defined was less messy. Tip 1 freeze the Banana's for 30 min, they will not crush up going in and make sure they are green a little. If they are ripe freeze them for 1 hour. Tip 2 I used a Tampon for a plug. I did not insert it all the way in I just inserted it enough so I could feel it by touching my but hole. Enjoy the explosion. I am sitting in a mess right now! I've tried inserting bannas. I very much enjoyed it because it had a laxitive effect on me. First of all I started feel mild urges and slight cramping which made be feel anxious, like a toddler who knows they are about to have an accident, and then when I decided to release it expells itself without any need to push but also quite gently I found.

Not an agressive explosion, personally i found it a pleasant experiance. Although I'm not entirely sold on this No Smell idea because it smelt distinctly of warm bannas to be which i didn't find all that pleasant and was conviced I smelt off even after showering.

I have also tried suppostories, for which the cramping was worse but I enjoy the humiliation aspect of trying to hold it for as long as I can and then eventually giving up and messing my nappy. This idea combining both of these things naturally appeals to me. The bit that really draws me though is the idea of the pad or tampon preventing the users from releasing when they feel it's time to give up. That's the thing about suppositories I regret, I'm aware I'm not having an accident as such, I'm just choosing not to hold anymore.

But if using a pad would mean that element of choice was removed I would definately love to try this out when I get the chance. I was also intrigued by the idea in the original text of dom and sub relationship during this activity. I unfortuntly don't have anyone to dominate me, nor do I know anyone who would be willing to physically partake in this activity. However if anyone feels they might be interested in prohaps trying to hold an internet conversation The text suggested a question and answers session whilst I'm partaking in the activity.

Then please feel free to contact me. I feel it would make things more interesting, and undoubtely more humliating lol. Oh but please note I don't have a supply of diapers at the moment so it may be quite a while before I'm actually able to do this. I tried this but could ot get it up there at all. The banana crushes up every time. Use a dildo and some lube prior to inserting. This will loosen things up. Also, dip the peeled bananas in warm water right before inserting. Makes them very slippery. Does anyone know any solutions to make a big poop like the banana dare except with things found around the house?

You mean like bananas? The following trick is so extremely unusual that it may actually qualify as a ature trick. Not your traditional enema. I really really want that done to me o. Please don't try out the banana and glycerin suppository idea shown within this forum it's really scary. Well, I might have to try that at least once. The banana's did not mush up for me, instead i had to push them out whole and enjoy them that way, they mushed as i was doing my homework.

I never did it, and likely never will. For me, one mess is as hard to clean as another. I'd also feel guilty about wasting food. EDIT: and yes, I know this thread was necro'd, but it's still a valid question for relative newcomers. Lol, I've wasted far more food from forgetting about it in the refrigerator than I ever put in my diapers.

Besides, it's a sunk-cost fallacy - either way it will be enjoyed or thrown away, it's not going to waste. What a bunch of wimps. Go real or go home. I poop whenever I can! Love how this thread was never lost. I remember trying this back in when it was first posted and thought I'd share the wisdom I've learned over the years.

Anything more and the pressure on my prostate is too much and induces urges to relieve myself far too early. I've had much better success since switching to ducalax. Cut two banannas in half. I then use a skewer and carefully create a small hallow opening in the end of the banana until the hole is right around the size of 1 ducalax. I then insert the suppository into the banana until its completely submerged and repeat this step with the other 3 banana halfs.

Once completely, I place the bananas in the freezer for about 2 hours until very firm, but not quit frozen. Prior to inserting the bananas I make sure to heavily lubricate and losing things up. A great way to do this is with a prostate massager, which is a great tool to have during the next steps. I slowly insert the bananas as its important that they do not crumble or break apart. After each banana the prostate massager can be used s a plunger to help get the bananas in further. Once i'm good and full I plug using the rolled up maxi pad method. Slowly the bananas will melt and the plug grows larger and larger.

Eventually 30min-1hour the suppositories will be released from their banana barrier. Gradually the pressure and waves of cramps will slowly build as the first ducalax goes to work, shortly followed by an amplification in effects as the 2nd 3rd and 4th in. Clinch all you want, there's no fighting back from here.

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Popular Posts DailyDi October 3, Protection October 3, StillNDiapers February 29, Posted Images. Posted September 11, Posted May 29, I was wondering does the banana get all soft up inside before it comes out? Posted July 23, OK I just did this trick and it was awesome. Tip 3 take a good dump first and then enema that bad boy out real good. Tip 4 suppository Suppository and then Tampon. McDonLee Posted July 23, Talk about Necroing a post O.

Banana enema recipe

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