Banging mom stories

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Today too I had to wake up with the irritation of having the wet patch of my boxers sticking to my thigh. Wet dreams are good. Good enough to be enjoyed. But the moment it rains and your urge ebbs, its a downhill from there. And so I rushed to the washroom, my semi erect cock bulging from the sides. Reaching the washroom i jerked down my boxers and stood naked facing the mirror. I looked at myself in the reflection.

Slowly I began stroking my cock, imagining no one but my own mother. I imagined her kneeling down like my slave, moisting her lips, before gobbling my huge monster. I imagined her sucking my dick like a slut. I began wanking faster. The very thought about my mother sent blood pulsing in the veins of my dick. She would turn 41 the next month, but still looked like a million bucks. She had a perfect figure- voluptuous yet slim. Just enough of that extra flesh to make her look even more sexy. Busty with a 36D cup.

Perfect round ass. Dark long hair and a face that was more beautiful and fairer than any woman of her age. Though she looked sexier than an actress on screen, she never wore any revealing cloths when I was around. Else is she is wearing a t-shirt, her boobs would accentuate leaving the rest for my imagination. To fuck my mom in real. But before I executed it with the zazziness of a teenager I had to consider the obvious flip side to it.

What if it didnt work? Or worse, what if it retaliated and I get thrown out? Seize the moment. My dad is a business man. So that meant the coast was seemingly clear of the watch dog. But the immediate tussle remained- how to seduce my mother? Art of seduction varies from person to person. From teenage girls to milfs and from the geeky ones to the party hoppers it differs.

But this is a whole new ball game. The woman in question is my mother. After pondering for what seemed like half an hour I hit upon an idea. And neither was it safe. I decided to put the seed of lust in her mind. She was taken aback as was expected. But then I pressed. Slowly she yielded in owing solely to my contribution to my sexual education. And even then she refrained from calling pussy a pussy. She called it vagina. That totally puts off the concept of eroticizing it.

But nonetheless she talked. About sex. To her son. THAT made the difference. In the next few days I kept on asking her about sex and soon she was really comfortable with discussing it with me. But I made sure we do not talk about it when my dad was around. Soon I started dirty talking with her in pretext of sex education. She was cutting vegetables in the kitchen. It is. She looked at me startled. She blushed.

You ask too many questions on sex ed. I laughed at her comment like old times. And acted like a kid like old times. And hugged her tightly. Just like old times. But now times have changed. So I poked my dick slightly at her ass.

I felt her freeze. It was semi erect. And she was wearing a normal night gown. She definitely felt my monster stirring awake. I felt her breathing becoming heavy and her body stiffen. I unclasped my grip. And I went leaving the storm to brew up in her belly. In the next couple of days I increased my physical contacts with her. For no reason altogether I hug her. I would find excuses to kiss her. And slowly I began to linger my lips on her face normal than usual.

And when and if she asked why such a sudden change of attitude I would proudly say,. I just felt I never appreciated you well. Thus I found ways to compliment my mother. For no apparent reason than to be honest once in while. Slowly days wore away and I began taking my kisses to more and more sensual zones. Like the nape of her neck when I hug her from behind. Or near her chin, closer to her neck. Or breathing near her ear in pretext of telling her a secret. And all the while she never stopped. We also started becoming more and more liberal in our talks on sex. Though we never ventured into dirty sex talk, we started with our little sex jokes.

She was getting comfortable with my perversions. The seed of lust I sowed was still alive. Now it was time for Act 2. I decided to take it another level. So I decided to start by flashing my boner. And every morning I had to hide my boner. But not anymore. That day when she came I decided to wear it proudly. She came to my room and stopped halfway through when she saw the large tent made by erect dick on the boxer.

I had flung my blankets purposely and I was lying on the bed eyes partly open, pretending to be asleep. After her initial shock she kept the mug and left the room. But I decided to conduct the same experiment the next day. And the day after. And the day after that. Until one day she kept the mug slowly and carefully, without making a sound, and stood near me for a little while. She was wearing her night robe. I could make her sexy curves through her body fitting rob itself. Her eyes were fixed on my huge dick. She then did something that proved my litmus test right. She touched my dick.

And she gasped. It was rock hard. Then after making sure I was still asleep she crouched down and gently peeled off my boxer. I saw her eyes widen as she saw my dick in its full glory.

Banging mom stories

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