Banned german sprite commercial

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Claim: A banned commercial for Sprite soft drink features a suggestive sex act. Example: [Collected via Twitter, January ]. The video clip. The video circulated rapidly on the internet when it first appeared in , and the footage as presented appeared plausible to some viewers in part due to atypical production quality and the language German spoken in the course of the second ad. Soon after the banned Sprite ad was initially shared, Coca-Cola which owns the Sprite brand initiated a copyright-based complaint against the viral video.

Its creator, Max Isaacson, admitted the clip was not, and was never intended to, serve as an advertisement for Sprite in Germany or any other country :. My name is Max Isaacson, I directed and produced the fake Sprite that have been making the rounds over the past five days. There have been quite a lot of false statements made regarding these and I would like to make a few things very clear about these spots. Second, this was not supposed to be taken seriously by anybody.

They were made completely on spec, which was clearly stated on the YouTube s on which the were primarily seen. I paid for, produced and directed both spots independently. I am frankly quite surprised that spots of this nature were so quickly and easily believed to be legitimate.

I hope that all parties involved will understand that this was a simple mistake that went much too far too fast, and that it is now made clear that these were not real commercials, nor were they ever produced with intention of being taken as such. Fact Checks. Banned Sprite Ad. Top Fact Checks. A Three-Child Limit? Edward Mordrake, the Man with Two Faces.

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Banned german sprite commercial

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Video: Banned/Leaked BJ German sprite commercial