Bart simpson sex stories

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Toggle Hentai. in with Facebook. address:. Password recovery. Your working address:. Choose a password:. Prove your identity:. Newest Top Rated. Added: 7 years ago in Simpsons. Simpsons: Part 2 - Someone's Secret The next morning when Lisa and Bart awoke, they had a quickie before going into the bathroom and taking a shower.

Marge awoke with a huge hangover, and a satisfied grin on her face. Marge got dressed and left her room to go to the store to buy the groceries,. Added: 9 years ago in Simpsons. I Spy 2 The next morning marge was in the kitchen first having made coffee and preparing to make breakfast for the family. Lisa shuffled in wearing her robe shaking out her long golden hair.

Good morning sleepy-head! The Shower Homer turned on the water then waited a moment for the water to warm up. Then he stepped into the shower sighing as it flowed down his back. There was nothing like a nice hot shower after a long days work at the power plant to help him relax. Especially since he had to go to his wifes sisters house that night.

Sibling Lisa opened the door and ran up the stairs, crying, and slammed the door to her room. Bart came in right after. I tried to ask her but she wouldn't tell. She didn't look like she was physically hurt though. He only heard muffed sobbing on the o.

Sibling Tryst Lisa opened the door and ran up the stairs, crying, and slammed the door to her room. Added: 10 years ago in Simpsons. Simpsons Shower Revised Chapter 1 Homer turned on the water then waited a moment for the water to warm up. Not that he had anything against his wifes sisters Selma and patty yeah not much its jus. Added: 11 years ago in Simpsons. Bart's Aunts Last Friday Bart spent the night fucking his aunt Selma and Patty his mother's older sisters and he would never have even thought of such a thing under normal circumstances but for what had happened the week before with his sister Lisa and his best friend millhouse.

What happened was so wild and crazy he still couldn't quite believe it had really happened. Once again his mother was sending him bac. Her rage because she was useless to stop the fiendish acts of Homer. She was too petite in front of his pounds. And her pain because he was raping her. It had all started when she was only 5 years old. Back then, she still looked up to him, he seemed to be there when she needed him the most, even if he was quite irresponsible. She loved. Disclaimer: I dont own The Simpsons, but this sick, disgusting story is mine. Chapter One: A night to RememberLisa sat on the couch.

It was one A. Lisa was 14, and began growing up two years ago. She had a wild sex drive. Spanking marge I moved to Springfield about five years ago. I supplemented my income by doing some Systems Consulting work. I live next door to a family named Simpson. Homer, Marge and their kids. Next to the Simpsons lived Ned Flanders. Nice guy, but I never talked to him m.

The simpsons making a movie You sexy thing, sexy thing. I believe in miracles, sang the radio along with a happy Homer, driving home from work. He parked the car and entered him home. The kids were watching TV and Marge was taking meals out of the oven. Having heard the door close, she shouted Kids!

That night, the Simpsons were having chicken, except Lisa of course, who was having tofu. The simpson family are in Homers car on there way home from church Bart Lisa andMaggie are in the back while Marge and Homer in the front all are dressed in there sunday best Lisa is in her pretty pink dress sitting in the middle bart is trying to feel under her dress trying to put his hand inside her little white bikni pantys she is fighting him homer spots this after watching for a short time te.

Watch after Maggie, okay? Bart and Lisa had had the best fuck of their life, experimenting more than ever before, falling asleep together naked. The luck streak continued as they woke up surprisingly early, just before dawn, plenty of time to get cleaned up and avoid suspicion. Hormones blissfully taking over your body, with sex the only thought in your mind…Bart and Lisa were presently encompassed by this feeling, which made it extremely challenging to hide their relationship. Her tits and the rest of her body bounced and swayed as she rhythmically sucked Bart off back and forth. Added: 12 years ago in Simpsons.

He had cum and was standing by the bed milking the remaining cum out of his cock and she was laying on the bed naked recovering from a vigorous fuck when her mother marge walked in on them. He doesn't pay much attention to me anymore. Granted I'm not 18 anymore but I try to keep myself in shape and attractive to him. But he just doesn't seem interested anymore. And e. Marge's Incest Pt3 I don't know how long I was out. But when I woke up, Bart was gone.

I was a mess. I have Bart's cum smeared all over me. My face, my ass, my whole crotch was a complete mess. I was tired but felt good. I hadn't been fucked like that in years. I rolled over and stretched like a cat. Then my hand slid down to my pussy and I fingered it gently. I was sore there but almost instantly I was horny again. Marge's Incest Pt 2 Over few next few days, I began to feel guilty about what I had done, or allowed to have done to me. After my body got the attention it had craved for so long, my conscience began to return.

I had had oral sex with my own daughter and let my son fuck me. What kind of a mother was I? For just a few minutes, I had changed from a caring, responsible mother to a cheap whore and a tramp that was so sex. Simpsons Shower Simpsons Shower Homer turned on the water then waited a moment for the water to warm up. Thoughts of being caught flashed into her mind, the outrage of her parents, t. Please, stop! Lisa Simpson was crying out her rage and her pain. Back then, she still looked up to him, he seemed to be there when she needed hi. Simpsons Shower Revised Homer turned on the water then waited a moment for the water to warm up.

It had been a month since the night Milhouse had toyed with Bart in his sleep and Lisa awaked. Since then, he had not had the opportunity to have sex again, with them or anyone else, even though Bart had slept at his house only a week ago.

Bart simpson sex stories

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