Beer pong bets

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A long night of drinking can take a toll on your wallet. Brought to you by Jameson Black Barrel. Forget winning any bets, this just looks awesome. That said, if you want to score yourself a drink, just bet someone you can rub your fingers together with so much force that they will actually start smoking. Then wash your hands and drink up.

Next time you have an empty and are in need of a fresh bottle, grab a toothpick and pull off this little trick. Simply set it up like shown in the video and bet your friend that you can get the coin into the bottle without touching it, the toothpick, or the bottle and without blowing on it. What seems impossible is actually quite easy once you know the trick. Just bet someone you can finish three pints of beer before they can down three shots.

Just make sure you can down one beer in a respectable amount of time and you should be all set for victory. Place an empty beer bottle atop a lighter like the one shown in the video and bet someone you can remove the lighter without touching the bottle while still keeping the bottle upright. What seems fairly difficult is actually pretty easy with a bit of practice. Not only will it score you a shot, but it will impress the person you just scammed. Enough to stop them from decking you? The magic jumping toothpick is, well, magical.

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Beer pong bets

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