Being a little sub

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BDSM is made up of a broad and vast spectrum of roles, identities and dynamics. A little is a person who most often submits, either through their actions in a BDSM scene or within their personal mindset by means of a power exchange. Littles can range from child-like to childish in their appearance and their behavior, both in and out of the context of BDSM.

Littles come in every shape, size, race, ethnicity, sex, gender and mindset. The mere thought of trying to categorize us all has been daunting…and it has taken some dedicated time to write out here…but after getting some more insight from others within the community, I think I am beginning to understand the differences among all of the various types of littles, even the differences with which I do not agree nor endorse for myself. Recently, there has been an explosion on social media of adolescent girls and boys, from 11 to 17 years old, who are attracted to what they think it means to be a little and they claim to identify as such.

I assure you, they do not. They cannot. While some littles may identity as a mixture between the two, almost all littles gravitate towards one or the other. Being a little is either something you pretend to be during certain times or something you are all of the time. Age Playing littles are the role players. Lifestyle littles may or may not emotionally regress as their constant state of mind can potentially make regressing obsolete.

This desire to behave, dress and be treated as an infant is called infantilism. Infantilists are driven by the need to feel safe and secure at the most primary level, having their most basic needs of food, shelter, cleanliness, warmth and love met by their Caregiver. Adult Babies are not interested in nor do they condone any acts of pedophilia. The appeal of the Caregiver relationship paradigm for many people is the express consent which is required in order to participate in such a bonded dynamic.

ABs may seek to reclaim their personal power after a history of sexual abuse during edge play scenarios with their Caregiver, if the trauma occurred very early on in life and the mindset is similarly applied, but this type of exploration is at the sole discretion of each dynamic and should only be attempted in a safe and loving environment after completing thorough research and discussions.

DLs may or may not emotionally regress but for the Diaper Lovers, the desire is linked to the aspect control involved in the power exchange. DL scenes can become highly sexualized and include other aspects of BDSM, such as bondage and discipline. They may share a diaper fetish which can increase the appeal to delve further in other aspects of control and sexuality in other BDSM edge play scenario, such as water sports and scat play.

Littles are next in line along the age regression, mental and emotional functionality and fetish chart. Both young and older littles can be both age playing role players as well as lifestyler mindset. Some littles are into pacifiers and bottles but many leave that to the ABDLs. Littles almost universally enjoy coloring, we find it therapeutic, although our choices in coloring s and artistic mediums will vary greatly.

Middles range from 12 to 17 years old, in various combinations of mental, emotional, behavioraland spiritual presentation. Middles are usually always lifestyler mindset orientated but there are some who role play as a middle for specific periods of time and under certain conditions. Middles may also be more prone to enjoy sadomasochistic activities within their dynamics more than some other types of littles.

Baby Girls and Baby Boys are a product of the Internet age. These are the littles who subscribe to a power exchange only if they are in fact the ones in charge. There are always exceptions to every rule but this type of little does not see brattiness as a character flaw. Rarely are both parties actually seeking long term commitments, despite decrying otherwise. These archetypes of Dominance and submission are ancient and sacred, repeating thru history to deepen the spiritual connection attained through the flesh. Pets can be classified as littles too! The exact name that a little is given or takes for themselves can vary greatly from the ones listed above but each archetype description of the behavior and characteristics of a little stands firm.

Littles may submit, they may play at submitting, they may role play sexual submission or they may not submit at all, preferring the dominant role in their dynamics, or preferring none whatsoever. For every type of little, there is a Big counterpart, no matter which type of dynamic they enjoy.

The information was very useful. You see I am very interested in all of this. Everything about bdsm intrigues me. I want to learn, experience, look into it just I decide I want to write about romance using a little as the heroine in my book. Like Like. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google . You are commenting using your Twitter . You are commenting using your Facebook . Notify me of new comments via . Notify me of new posts via . Littles Littles are next in line along the age regression, mental and emotional functionality and fetish chart. Pets Pets can be classified as littles too!

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Being a little sub

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