Berserker soul calibur

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Powered by neoforums v3. Thread title From Last replied Now searching Forgot your password? Remember me. Follow neoseeker. All Soul Calibur Forums. Topic: berserker. Options: Share Print subscribe. Hellsing Still Seekin' since: Mar Wiki s Berserker. Too Legit To Quit! Some characters arent available in arcade mode. Neolithic 22 since: Jun How do you unlock him? In weapon master mode, I beat that sub chapter where you had to fight tons of him in a dungeon, but I never unlocked him.

Just keep goin buddy sooner or later in Extra Weapon Master. Oh, so you unlock him in Extra weapon master mode? Is it harder? Neo or Bust 1 since: Dec Heh, so that's how. Heh, thanks for tellin'. Resident Neo since: Aug The Hero of Chaos is back s-e-e-k-e-r total posts: since: Jun So, there is no Seigfried, or Inferno in this game?

The light burn you! Resident Neo total posts: since: Apr You haven't done anything wrong. You need to do the same dungeon again on Extra Weapon Master, and then Berserker will be unlocked. It's pretty much the same thing, perhaps a little harder. Good luck! Red Dead Redemption 2. Featured Forums. Ryse: Son of Rome. Story of Seasons Super Smash Bros. S: 1 2 next». Topic: berserker Options: Share Print subscribe. Wiki s Berserker well i beat this level and unlocked berserker but i cant find him on arcade mode!!! Bl3h Too Legit To Quit! Droid Neolithic 22 since: Jun Eureka Neo or Bust 1 since: Dec Sourside21 The Hero of Chaos is back s-e-e-k-e-r total posts: since: Jun Thats really good.

I just beaten Weapon Master mode. Inferno is just a boss. You can't really use him. I wish you could. Inferno is just like Charade but alot stronger. Astrimedes unwashed heathen guest. Key zer gawta go fahst Neo or Bust 1 since: Jun Inferno is just an ignited Charade. Anyway I have completed the dungeon with all those Berserkers yet I haven't unlocked him, instead it unlocked some weaponry for Talim?!

What've I done wrong? Jon Irenicus The light burn you!

Berserker soul calibur

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How do you unlock the Berserker in Soul Calibur 2?