Black and mexican couples

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Melanin a is an environmental portrait series dedicated to the beauty and struggle of black and brown relationships in Los Angeles. In one of the most divisive moments in the history of the United States, I ask: How are black and brown couples making sense of the current political and racial climate? How does the increased normalization of violence on the black and brown body throughout Los Angeles impact intimacy? And what does a black and brown future look like in the age of Trump? By exploring these narratives through visual ethnography, Melanin a aims to build on the existing work of artists and activists who have and continue to create platforms for the preservation of black and brown lives in Los Angeles and beyond.

And we have to look for each other. I just think that people were keeping it under wraps for so long and now that the leader of the country is going to say it then somehow everyone who feels like that is going to be active. It is going to push us back very far. It means having a home to process what we go through as black and brown men. It also means partnering with our families to help them go through what is happening in the Trump era because they are scared about the hate and oppression that we go through.

For black and brown love, it means doing the work in a very real way and not seeing our histories as distinct and not to collapse them but to be humble and vulnerable enough to cross histories and boundaries in a trump world that would want us to be separate. I worry about his mom when she goes to work. And I worry about eventually being a family and having kids within these next four years.

And being together right now is a political resistance because whether by law or by social status, black and brown love has always been undermined and historically not valued. Resistance is no longer just about words. They do not reflect the views of Latino USA. Save my name, , and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Alfredo Gama and Audrey Edwards : "Black and Brown people often see each other as competition, but we are fighting for the crumbs that white supremacy leaves us with. We need to be aware that there are forces out there that are trying to divide us. How to Listen. Support Independent Media Did you know only three cents of every philanthropic dollar goes to media nonprofits, and only one cent goes to Latino nonprofits?

Black and mexican couples

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Religion, Sex, Love and Marriage among African Americans and Latinos