Black guy vs white guy fight

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A frustrated and conflicted teenager arrives at a new high school to discover an underground fight club and meet a classmate who begins to coerce him into fighting. Jean Roqua : Never give up, never back down!

In. Play trailer Action Drama Sport. Director Jeff Wadlow. Chris Hauty. Top credits Director Jeff Wadlow. Trailer Never Back Down. Clip Photos Top cast Edit. Neil Brown Jr. Aaron as Aaron. Lauren Leech Jenny as Jenny. Tilky Jones Eric as Eric. Steven Crowley Ben as Ben. Tom Nowicki Mr. Lloyd as Mr. Jeff Wadlow. More like this. Storyline Edit. At his new high school, a rebellious teen Jake Tyler is lured into an ultimate underground fighting club in a Backyard Fight, where he finds a mentor in a mixed martial arts veteran. After receiving threats to the safety of his friends and family, Jake seeks the mentoring of a veteran fighter, to train his mind and body for one final no-holds-barred elimination fight with his unrelenting personal nemesis and local martial arts champion Ryan McCarthy.

Win or Lose Everyone Has Their Fight. Did you know Edit. Trivia Sean Faris gained 15 lbs. Goofs During the fight scene when Jake gets out of the car to fight the three guys in the Yellow Hummer, Max lifts up his video camera after Jake throws his first punch, but after the fight, when all of the students are watching the fight on the net at school, it shows that Max is recording before the fight even begins.

Quotes Jean Roqua : Never give up, never back down! Alternate versions PG version is Minutes while the unrated version is Minutes. Records Inc. User reviews Review. Top review. Don't tap-out yet! From reading the title "Never Back Down," you get the impression that what you're about to watch will be something pretty macho and also pretty lame - a bad combination.

The claims of this being a remake of "The Karate Kid" plus "Fight Club" and mixed martial arts is not undeserved or inappropriate. As a casual fan of mixed martial arts, the gladiator-style spectacle of this sport goes all the way back to the Greeks, with their sport Pankration which pretty much resembles today's MMA. The idea of cross-training and mixing techniques of different fighting styles gained popularity in the 20th century with Bruce Lee and his theories on Jeet Kune Do which when translated from Cantonese, means "the way of the intercepting fist".

Since then, a revolution has been sparked in the world of full-contact fighting. Right away, it's established that Jake's a born brawler and has a chip on his shoulder, so right away the filmmakers are attempting to remove themselves from the "Karate Kid" legacy. Right away, he locks eyes on the pretty blonde Baja Miller Amber Heard, uh-huh , and she invites new-kid Jake to a party later that night. At this same party, he locks he with rich-boy Ryan McCarthy Cam Gigandet , a champion MMA fighter who gets the upper hand on Jake and beats him to a pulp in a no-holds-barred brawl.

All hope is not lost. On his first day of school, Jake had witnessed a fight happening under the bleachers, where an outcast kid named Max Evan Peters was getting his butt kicked by Ryan and his goons. So cue the MTV soundtrack and training montage. In terms of being a simple martial arts movie, "Never Back Down" is nothing new. Plenty of martial arts movies have been made about the bullied good guy who gets his butt kicked, learns to fight from a master, and tests out his newfound skills by getting revenge on his tormentors in the ring. The by-the-s script by Chris Hauty pays attention to a few of the details of modern mixed martial arts training, but doesn't really go into any real depth about it, even if some of the harsher stuff is only glossed over for the sake of trying to mainstream it.

But I also guess that this Jeff Wadlow-directed vehicle has seen way too many better movies, and it's inherently self-referential toward them. The acting, writing and plot are decent, but still, the performances, acting and writing, like everything else, are by-the-s.

Although we don't really wade grimly through worthless dialogue scenes, we do perk up for the fighting and training sequences. The best thing about these scenes is that they're authentic: what the actors are doing is so "real" you "believe" it. As brutal as they are even for a "PG"-rated movie , they're fairly exciting and there isn't a whole bunch of flashy camera cutting that takes away from the intensity of the full-contact punching and kicking.

The camera stays put for the most part and isn't moving all over the place. It looks like the actors are really going at it, and it looks like it hurts. So you "believe" it in a way you don't really do for a lot of martial arts movies made in America these days. And that's what no-holds-barred is all about, right? FAQ 4. Is "Never Back Down" based on a book? Where were the fighters found for this movie?

Which song is playing when Jake enters the Beatdown? Details Edit. Release date March 14, United States. United States. Vidio Indonesia. Get Some. Orlando, Florida, USA. Box office Edit. Technical specs Edit. Runtime 1h 53min. Related news. May 1 Den of Geek. Contribute to this Suggest an edit or add missing content. Top Gap. What is the Japanese language plot outline for Never Back Down ?

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Black guy vs white guy fight

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