Black tie nights season 2

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TV Schedule. In. Black Tie Nights — Season: 1 2. Year: Add Image S2, Ep1. Error: please try again. He convinces Candi to become his partner since she knows the business so well already. Add Image S2, Ep2. Trish is a vivacious athlete who seeks a man who can "keep up with her"--on the court in the bedroom. Black Tie set her up with Joe. The the competition begin. Add Image S2, Ep3. Ryan and Candi's match-up a TV doctor with a practitioner of eastern medicine. It's a match made in hell. Ryan's fantasy life returns when he sees Nurse Rachel. Add Image S2, Ep4.

The power's out in the city. While waiting for the lights to come on, Ryan and Candi to decide to play Truth or Dare. They learn a lot about each other and become closer. Add Image S2, Ep5. Black Tie matches up a former child actor who is completely out of show business and runs a hot dog stand with a aspiring reporter trying to make a name for herself. Add Image S2, Ep6. On the flight to his cousin wedding, Ryan runs into an old friend who makes the trip memorable. Candi gets more than she bargained for when she has a massage. Add Image S2, Ep7.

Black Tie sends one of its clients to the show Gay Apparel for a makeover. Candi starts to sense that the host, Don, is not gay at all. She talks Ryan into pretending to be gay to test her theory. Add Image S2, Ep8. Black Tie matches a socially conscious do-gooder Internet blogger, Elaine, with a tabloid journalist, Tom, who loves living for the moment and believes in the silliest possibilities. Tom is tracking a three-headed coyote in the Los Angeles hills called Diablo. Candi and Ryan take a live for the moment break at work. Add Image S2, Ep9. Joe the prize fighter has decided to retire from boxing so he can spend more time with his girlfriend Micki.

When Micki turns him down, Black Tie sets him up with a female boxer. Add Image S2, Ep Candi is striking out with the current man she is dating. She can't get him to make a move. She gets advice from Dr. Domino, a romance advice radio show. Image Candi's surprise when Dr. Domino becomes a client of Black Tie. It seems the good doctor has trouble meeting people. Black Tie sets up Sam, Mr. Meek, with Mindy, Miss Shy.

Candi and Ryan go the extra mile to make sure the date goes well by shadowing them and communicating with them with hidden microphones and listening devices. Black Tie sets up a porn star with a relationship therapist.

Skye is looking for someone who can handle her job. Charles is trying not to be so conservative about life. Valentine's Day is coming up and there is a mad rush of service calls at Black Tie. Candi and Ryan decide to throw a party for all the clients looking for a date.

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Black tie nights season 2

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