Blue dart fart

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A surgical patient in Japan suffered severe burns after a laser-ignited flatus set fire to the surgical drape around her, revealing the dark side to uh, getting lit. Japanese news outlets report that a patient in Tokyo Medical University undergoing an operation on her cervix suffered serious burns to her waist and legs after a surgical laser set fire to an unexpected gas leak.

As one might deduce from the odors of different farts, their gaseous compositions can vary widely , depending on what food a person ingests and what bacteria are available to break it down. As these bacteria digest your meal, they burp out gaseous byproducts, which are ultimately what collect in the intestines and eventually force their way out of your backside. Most of these gases are benign: Nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and oxygen, which together make up the majority of the average fart , are not flammable.

Farts that are richer in hydrogen, in contrast, tend to burn yellow or orange. In general, setting farts on fire is not recommended because it pretty much creates a direct line of fire from the lighter to the inside of your rectum. Yasmin Tayag. Related Tags Health Biology Medicine. Mind and Body.

Blue dart fart

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