Board shorts bulge

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Maybe you receive it from your insight into political or economic wisdom? I grew up in Manhattan Beach, Southern California, one of the biggest surf and volleyball playgrounds in the world. Board shorts are made to be worn commando. Then believe the thousands of surfers and beach dwellers who live near the beach, not you Mr. Then believe the hundreds of local California girls who are laughing behind your back about it. Or if you must, wear a speedo underneath your board shorts.

Why you ask? Cause it looks cheap, and it looks like you bought them at Old Navy, and it looks like you must fluctuate in body size if you need a pair than can grow and retract with your ballooning weight size. So why wear the same expandable elastic bathing suit your 6-year-old nephew wears? When it comes to size how high above or below your shorts should end or color and pattern, almost anything is game.

This is a practical tip, not just a style tip. Board short rash anyone? Pack a bag with some extra shorts or jeans before you head out to the lake or your pool party. No one wants to catch a whiff of your all day ball stink when they go out at night. You can tell me how to workout, what teams I should root for, who to vote for, what to eat, and which music I should download, but when it comes to style, listen up. These are 3 easy rules for board shorts. For part 1 on the rules of denim, .

I see so many offenders. Thanks for visiting and commenting Ben. Yeah it might be fun until a hungry shark thinks your junk looks like a large worm or small eel.. Have you seen the board short liners from Original Waterman? My boys love them. They wear them under the board shorts. The des are so different. Hell yes you do! Sorry Ryan, but I have to disagree about going commando in board shorts.

Guess what? I live in southern California, 4 blocks from the beach. My life is great, and I could not care less what someone else thinks. I agree with Tom. I need support especially when being active at the beach or behind a boat.

Commando is uncomfortable. I wear a Bike Performance jockstrap under mine. The pouch is made of microfiber that is quick dries quickly and keeps my junk from flopping around. My only complaint is with light or solid colored board shorts that are so thin and revealing that you can tell whether a guy is circumcised.

Those new board short liners at Original Watermen or jammers would solve your problem. Audrey it appears that you are being ignored looks that way listen up boys…. It is good to be better informed about the rules of board shorts. It is good to know that one should not buy board shorts with elastic waist bands. It would not be good for them to slip off in a climactic moment. Something else to consider would be to find desired shorts for a price within your budget. He complains all the time about everyone asking for his style help before events, parties, etc. The seam rubs against the skin and can cause discomfort, especially when moisture is involved.

Wearing seamless board shorts or shorts that are produced using an adhesive instead of stitching can save some uncomfortable chaffing. Another concern some guys have with board shorts is hair getting caught in the Velcro fly. To solve this problem, board short are now available with neoprene flies. If you still feel uncomfortable after trying these innovative de options, perhaps layering is a good idea. Name required. will not be published required.

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Ian October 16, at am. Bill January 26, at pm. Anay April 8, at pm. Franklin Miller July 15, at pm. Chrys Williams July 15, at pm. Summer is the best time of the year, and you have to be comfortable in what you are wearing! Jade Brunet October 27, at pm. Tom August 25, at am. Is it okay to wear hybrid shorts when the sun goes down? That was hilarious and informative … great stuff. Comment Name required will not be published required Website.

Board shorts bulge

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