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The slave who will be locked in this collar and chains is sure to suffer a great deal. IT might be shocked so badly, IT drops to ITs knees in pain, only to be whipped, to get back to work. As the arousal of denial builds in the submissive from being in a male cock cage, he will want to take his sexual frustration out on his key-holder. The submissive will constantly be thinking about sex with their key-holder while in their cock cage. When any small opportunity presents itself, sparks will fly. Oral skills become noteworthy very quickly, but the submissive can please their key-holder in a of other ways.

Usually with their hands, with toys, or even with a strap on! As time passes and the submissive has built up their frustration in their cock cage, they will exert more of that sexual energy toward the key-holder. Ultimately giving better and better orgasms the longer they are locked. The orgasms of a key-holder is one of the most cherished…shared by submissives and key-holders alike. The submissive enjoys making their key-holder feel good and giving them countless orgasms, and ensuring they are completely satisfied at all times.

Submissives especially enjoy giving an orgasm without getting one in return. This is probably the greatest of the perks of chastity that the submissive can look forward to. All the time pent up in denial in their male cock cage causes the skin to become hyper sensitive. I will never cum without her permission, ever again. Tuesday, Jan 7 will mark my th day of orgasm control.

April 9th is when I promised to give her control over all forms of my pleasure, as long as she liked. It just happened. Saturday, Jan 4 will mark my th day reaching into indefinite time. June 21st is when she was firm that this was forever. It was the first day of summer. Later, unforced, she spelled it out explicitly. And there it is. Her burden and my willpower have been tested. Since June , she let me stay denied orgasm for June July and November The longest was 2 months and 27 days. She let me stay denied orgasm for July August and most of September this year, reaching 3 months and 3 days.

May 5th will mark two years without stroking myself to orgasm. One for each finger. Ten self orgasms since July 17 Do I need any more? Ever again? Why do I need this so much. Why does the thought of never stroking my cock to orgasm ever again make me so damn hard in my cage. Why does permanent masturbation denial make me throb so much? Is this my next step? Is this the next thing to give up? She took ownership of all my pleasure.

Should I offer her, no beg her Should I do this in ? Should I do this in May? After two years of denial? Maybe I make the offer. Maybe I refuse to mark the second year anniversary of self-orgasm denial with taking my warm and thick and fleshy cock in my hand and bringing myself slowly over the edge to orgasm, and be a drained as I ever can be after I climax. Two years is a long time. But so were those first and days. Here I am reaching days of orgasm control.

This ended in I barely remember what it was like to have a free hand. I was pierced and fitted in custom chastity that year. This was his first solid week locked in chastity and the were amazing. We started on a Friday evening. The lock snapped shut at 8pm and the only key went around my neck, to be worn for the entire week. By Sunday night the effects began showing. Yes, there was some whining, begging, and general complaining. This was expected. Those words did the the trick each time. The device went back on right after the shaving. By Tuesday I began seeing a remarkable difference in his behavior and overall attitude.

I came home from a long day at work and found all the household chores done. The vacuuming, the dishes, the dusting, almost everything. This was unheard of. It had only been 4 days and I was already loving the . We spent the entire evening watching TV while he rubbed my feet. This was a turning point for me. If I had ever had any doubt that locking up his cock was the right decision, those doubts were gone. All the articles and stories I read were dead on. The rest of the week saw him submission deepen each and every day. On Wednesday he went to his underwear drawer and found all his boxers replaced with my own panties.

With the confused look on his face I crept up behind him and reached around to cup his little locked cock in my hand, I whispered heavy in his ear:. He hesitated only briefly before picking up beautiful green selection and stepping into them. My pussy immediately became moist. The road we were heading down was even better then I had fantasized. I turned him around and pulled out my phone to snap a picture.

I wanted this moment saved for ever. He instinctively moved his hands in front of his crotch to cover his panty clad locked cock. In my new realm of female dominance I saw this as an act of disobedience that could not be tolerated. Without thinking I physically pushed him against the wall hard.

The look on my face must have been pretty angry, because I recognized the fear in his eyes. I spoke firmly and deliberately:. I own that cock and I own you. Is that clear? I slapped his face hard. I took the pics I wanted. He meekly nodded in agreement. The lack of fight he put up was telling. HIs submission to my verbal and physical attack was feeding my already growing feelings of power and dominance. My emotions were running high and it felt like another milestone moment in our journey towards a Female Led Relationship was unfolding right before me.

Chastity cages tumblr

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