Chinese vs japanese girls

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Just wondering if anyone can see the difference, as most people tend to say that Chinese girls look like boys and all that. While lo of people worship Japanese girls. Is that because there's an actuall difference between the two? Not what you're looking for? PasserBy9 Badges: Report 10 years ago 2. GodspeedGehenna Badges: 3. Report 10 years ago 3. From my experience, the Chinese tend to be more withdrawn around non-Chinese and can even be quite xenophobic.

While Japanese girls tend to be shy, they are generally much more welcoming, chatty and eager to mix with non-Japanese. Report 10 years ago 4. It would help if if you posted pictures of girls not layered with makeup, since it changes the way the whole face may look. People who say Chinese girls look like boys probably haven't seen more than one Chinese girl in their life. Here's the thing: now that I've been in China for quite a while, I feel I can sometimes tell who is Japanese and who is Chinese.

Don't flame me, let me explain. Yes, there may be facial features that may indicate who is who, but they are very subtle and it'd be controversial of me to try and go into that. And as I said, this is just a feeling, not a right every time thing.

I can't actually put it into words - if I saw a Japanese and a Chinese girl in my classroom, I'm quite likely to be right with who I feel is who, but I couldn't really explain why. It's almost like subconsious perception of differences that are probably there, but I can't articulate them or point any out specifically. It's weird. You just get a hunch and think "that girl, surely she's Japanese?

As I said it's a bit strange. It's as if being "exposed" as such to Chinese people in my daily life without makeup, makes it easier to tell who is likely Chinese, etc. My Chinese girlfriend confidently assures me she can always tell the difference. As I said I can't give any decent reason why, but when starting my new class I was quite accurate in picking out who seemed Korean and who seemed Japanese.

RamocitoMorales Badges: Report 10 years ago 5. Sorani Badges: Report 10 years ago 6. Physically, yes, I can see the difference. Personality-wise, well it's the same as us, we're all different, I don't think I could really find a vague enough trait to link it to a country of over a billion people and one of over million. Report 10 years ago 7. Cuckoo91 Badges: Report 10 years ago 8. I find Japanese guys tend to look quite different from Chinese guys, normally longer hair, more bearded and slightly more defined faces.

All just based on my experience and not any kind of generalized 'facts'. Report 10 years ago 9. I don't know but I think I've seen the second girl before.. KCLScouse Badges: 0. Report 10 years ago Teveth Badges: Chinese girls tend to come from China, whereas Japanese girls tend to be from Japan. Koobideh Badges: I can tell the difference easily. Now the thing in the difference in hot girls is that China is very big compared to Japan, and different regions of China people can have a different appearance or features.

The problem is that most Westerners only come into contact with Chinese who are from Hong Kong and other southern Chinese cities , and girls from Hong Kong tend to be ugly. I am saying this as somebody who's half Hong Konger so I can guarantee this with experience because I go there a lot. And yes it is also true to an extent that many women in HK still a minority do actually look like men, as in physically sometimes it's hard to tell by looking at their face what their gender is.

So yes if you want to compare HK and Japanese girls then the Japanese girls are hotter. But in mainland China the girls are a lot hotter than Japanese girls. There is a money thing because mainland China is not as rich so girls can a lot of the time look very rough from working so hard, not having nice clothes, or whatever other things associated with poor people.

But if you want to compare middle class Chinese and Japanese, then the Chinese are hotter by a mile. I know at my college there were a lot of mega hot Chinese girls and a lot of the white people developed an Asian fetish after being there. Japanese girls are generally not as pretty if you want to compare them to their immediate neighbours like Chinese, Koreans and Mongolians.

Hong Kong isn't near Japan so that doesn't count, but the areas of China that are near Japan have beautiful girls. Beska Badges: Chinese girls come from China, Japanese girls from from Japan. Original post by mrnightcat Was that experience in the UK? EDIT: for us who arent asianphiles, please can anyone post a pic of a hot asian gal and hot asian dude, and also an ugly asian dude and gal for comparison. Yawn11 Badges: Ramryan Badges: 0.

Chinese vs japanese girls

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