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Kyou is a tsundere but she is really sweet underneath. Originally posted by nicorobin. Fujibayashi is timid but she has her own dreams and is sweet in the end. Originally posted by ryuko. Tomoyo is cool but troubled you feel bad for her.

She seems perfect but she is a flawed person who went through a lot of shit. Kotomi is more than just some intelligent nerd. Originally posted by shirakin. Originally posted by animepenguin. I was annoyed with him most of the time, even in the first few episodes of After Story. Originally posted by tehicepedazos. The only good thing about him was being more caring of his sister, nothing else. She ruins everything, nothing to like about her.

Anyway, the characters in CLANNAD are the most interesting because the guy has a complex personality unlike other generic protagonists and the other characters are kuckoo or have their own issues. Tomoya Okazaki-He seems like an average high school guy just bored with school. But he acts like an apathetic jerk at the time and is quite rude.

He is a silent guy who never talks and barely shows up in his classes, when he does he just isolates himself in the back corner and stares out the window. As we progress through the franchise, we see that Tomoya is not really an unpleasant guy after all. The reason Tomoya is so apathetic and antisocial is because he came from a bad family background. He grew up with an abusive dad who injured and neglected him for years. Because of this, Tomoya started suffering from PTSD and depression which made him withdraw from everyone in his life.

He is the perfect relatable example of a PTSD teen coming from a bad family. Nagisa Furukawa-At first she seems like a strange girl because she shouts random things like her favorite food. She is a shy girl who has a weird way of gaining confidence to interact with other people. Nagisa is the type to fill in silences with filler words or strange tics which are meant to be super polite. Like Fuko or Sunohara, she is seemingly the foolish type since she always falls for pranks and acts or says stuff without thinking, lacking intelligence based on her terrible sense of judgement.

Like many of the characters, Nagisa is most likely suffering from some kind of social disorder. Underneath her seemingly dumb demeanor, she is actually noted to be intelligent. But the main one that stands out is her self awareness and knowing what she wants for a good reason, she loved Tomoya for who he was, and knew right away that he was not the jerk he appeared to be. Kyou and Ryou Fujibayashi-These 2 are probably the most normal and well adjusted girls in this story.

Other than that, these are the normal high school girls with typical crushes. Kyou and Ryou have fairly good social skills unlike many of the other characters. But they only have average intelligence and maturity levels. They are just simply there to support Nagisa and appeal to the audience, both being for fanservice.

Kotomi Ichinose-This girl is mute and acts very fucking awkward, we never hear her talk like at all, even after becoming friends and being part of the Drama Club gang. She is so timid she makes Ryou look bold. Kotomi is the very intelligent bookworm who re all day and has the power of ignoring other noises except being called a honorific.

Being a genius she definitely does suffer from high functioning autism. She has a super high IQ and no social skills nor common sense at all. In the end, we see Kotomi has matured and changed a lot. Tomoyo Sakagami-This girl is the epitome of cool, the coolest in the school. Her silent demeanor makes her somewhat mysterious and stands out from the other girls. She is a tomboy like Kyou but unlike her, she always hangs with guys than girls and blends in with them because of her calm disposition. While Kyou is excitable and is impulsively violent, Tomoyo is a girl of few words and uses violence only when necessary.

Being a female Tomoya, one of the most normal characters, she suffers underneath as well but deals with it the opposite way he does. Tomoyo being very mature can actually be quite childish and naive. Fuko Ibuki-She is a very childish girl who is most definitely likely suffering from dementia. Yukine Miyazawa-She appears a bit quirky at first but is still a normal girl who is mentally and emotionally stable. Like Tomoyo, she is the most mature and wisest of all the characters.

Youhei Sunohara-epitome of ADHD, like does he have any other trait besides being dumb with a good heart? Kappei Hiiragi-He is a mysterious guy who seems to have a limited set of social skills or is held back and hindered from doing simple tasks. In conclusion, most of the cast acts strange due to their correspondence with symptoms of numerous disorders. Tomoya and the twins are normal while Tomoyo and Yukine are very mature and well adjusted. Originally posted by clannad-clannad. Naoyuki is shy and introverted like his mother. He is also like his father, realistic and sarcastic.

Naoyuki then eventually attends Hikarizaka high school like his sister Ushio. Unlike her, he never gets bullied ever since he met his best friend Sunohara and Motoyo. This definitely is a dynamic between the heroines in Clannad. Nagisa, the main girl, was undoubtedly a weak character. On the other hand, the other heroines are more independent, especially Tomoyo.

Kotomi and Kyou also pursued their goals similarly. Even Ryou also has a goal she actively pursued: become a nurse. They all have clear life goals and passions unlike Nagisa. Mei or Fu-chan is like fucking your little sister and just wrong. Yukine barely knows the guy, same as Fujibayashi.

She married Kappei, period. Originally posted by bambina Originally posted by queenofanimegifs. Kyou-The loud and aggressive Tsundere who always hits Tomoya and Sunohara, has a pig named Botan, she and her twin were in love with Tomoya since junior year, fanservice of this franchise. Originally posted by sairenji. Tomoyo-The stoic strong-silent-type tomboy who beats up Sunohara, in love with Tomoya, wants to be calm and really girly like Nagisa. Originally posted by tsugumi. Originally posted by puppyful.

Yukine-The somewhat quiet but motherly, polite girl always helpful to everyone, found in reference room with magic spells. Originally posted by kiraragal Aina is a Tsundere like her mother Kyou. Cockroach as Sailor Moon. Kyou as Sailor Mars. Tomoyo as Sailor Jupiter.

Fu-chan as Sailor Venus. Kotomi as Sailor Mercury. Ushio as Chibiusa. Onikakushi-hen: Okazaki Tomoya. An ordinary high school student Okazaki Tomoya moves into the strange and mysterious Hikarizaka City. He meets a shy girl named Nagisa who becomes good friends with him along with her friends Kyou, Fuko, and Kotomi.

They have their happy days until Tomoya learns of a murder in the city. Everything changes and Tomoya starts becoming paranoid with the same illness Nagisa has, Hikarizaka syndrome. That evening, Nagisa and Kyou visit Tomoya and give him some ohagi. He is completely paranoid that the whole city is out to get him so he becomes more violent to his friends and makes a regretful decision.

Tomoya, Nagisa, and Kyou are found dead the next morning. The twins have been switching occasionally since childhood and their identities were reversed at some point Ryou Kyou was given the demon tattoo instead of Kyou Ryou. Kyou, dressed as Ryou having gotten a haircut, later meets Tomoya at Angel Mort. The gang attends the Festival and Tomoya and Ryou curiously sneak off to the ritual tool shed of the temple, making disturbing discoveries. The whole time Ryou has been impostering Kyou to murder Tomoya and the others.

The final time Kyou and Ryou switch, Kyou falls down the well to her death having been tased by Ryou. Ryou then, dressed as Kyou again, proceeds to kill Tomoya. She declares her success then later sneaks into her apartment to avoid the police. However, she slips and falls to her death. In the hospital, Tomoya dies hallucinating Kyou torturing him. Tsumihoroboshi-hen: Nagisa. Himatsubushi: Kotomi and Yukine. Posts Archive.

Clannad best girl

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