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A top Bangkok coyote girl like Amy earns approximately 30, baht a month, but her job is not without many annoyances. The so-called "coyote" dancing girls are popular at country fairs and in clubs throughout much of the country. Although the money can be reasonably good, the job is not without its annoyances as Amy explains in this excerpt from a story in Sunday's Spectrum magazine published with the Bangkok Post.

Click button to listen to Coyote and rightclick to download. A top coyote girl like Amy earns approximately 30, baht a month. It's pretty good for a poor girl like me. When asked if this is her dream job, she burst out laughing. I've got dreams You know, a proper dancer. I love dancing. I love to get up there and lose myself through the music. But, like I said, I'm only doing this to support my family and pay for my education. In the dressing room, Amy looks tired and, of course, less glamorous than when on stage. They try to get us drunk ,'' she sighs.

She says she feels dizzy because of the drinks, and tries to stand up, but then runs to the toilet to throw up. At times Amy has to contend with borderline sexual assaults from drunken or obsessed customers. Trust me, I know very well how demeaning this job can be. I am also aware that some customers have no respect for me. So when someone approaches me for sex, I flip my hair and dance away.

I earn enough to make ends meet. Once I finish my education, I want to work from nine to five or open a restaurant. But I need to save up. It's a long-shot dream. For now I dance for the money because I know it's a means to my goal. Other Services. Life as a coyote girl 1.

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Coyote dancers thailand

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