Daughter of ares fallout new vegas

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Contact Saya. Send private message Yahoo Messenger. Well, someone's gone to the next logical step. Now someone is working on a player race, called "The Daughters of Ares" and not only is it almost done, it looks pretty good! If there is anyone here who likes playing New Vegas and wants to do more than have a fembot for a companion, show this author your support for the project.

They seem pretty set on releasing it, but support is nice! Contact Sophisa. Send private message. I can't wait for this! Some may display Adult Content messages, but you can either ignore those or simply the site to see them. Mod's out today! For those who want to use it. Contact N Contact Condor. I really need to get this game! Contact hypnobot. I liked it when we went back to her house. Post Reply. Who is online Users browsing this forum: No registered users and 4 guests.

Daughter of ares fallout new vegas

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