Debbie does des moines

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The plot revolves around a group of cheerleaders raising money so their squad captain, Debbie, can try out for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Texas Cowgirls, based out of Dallas. Bambi Woods was the leading lady, playing Debbie. Rumor has it, Bambi had ly tried out for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders in real life. The film was a huge hit and sold 50, copies once it came out on video, which was a record-setting release for its time. A of sequels and spin-offs came from Debbie Does Dallas , including a Broadway musical. But with fame came controversy. They ended up winning their trademark infringement lawsuit in the federal court, but the situation put them at odds with the mob.

At the time, much of the porn industry was funded by the mafia. Michael Zaffarano, a capo in the Bonanno crime family, was the sole stockholder for Pussycat Cinema, Ltd. His Times Square movie theater began showing Debbie Does Dallas in , complete with a giant billboard featuring Bambi. But the controversy pushed Bambi even further into the spotlight.

In this rare interview clip, she recounts how she owed friend money and said friend, who was involved with the adult entertainment business, suggested she audition for the film. Bambi became a rising star in the industry, but due to her newfound fame, her family found out about her adult film career. Allegedly, this was a source of shame for Bambi and she decided to step out of the spotlight. Her real name has never been released.

A documentary that came out that same year, Debbie Does Dallas Uncovered , alleges that a private investigator traced Bambi to Des Moines, Iowa where she was living a normal life. They claimed that Bambi wanted no further involvement with the film or her past career.

The situation is certainly odd. One minute, a woman is proudly displayed on a Times Square billboard, promoting the porn that she stars in. Perhaps in the age of technology, where we can find out everything about a person in mere seconds, it makes the circumstances extra suspicious. Naturally, people have jumped to conspiracy theories. Some believe the OD story, others suspect mafia involvement led to her demise.

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Debbie does des moines

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