Discord high pitched voice

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Forgot your password? Or in with one of these services. Linus Media Group is not associated with these services. I started up discord one day and everyone started laughing at me. I didn't know why but they explained to me that I sounded like a chipmunk. I have tried everything from reinstalling windows to plugging the mic into a different jack.

I have also tested the mic on another computer with no problems. Could be your friends just messing with you lol. Try listining to yourself using windows. I did, I hear myself as a chipmunk as well. It's not only on discord either, everything is affected by it. I have no voice changing software on, I hear a strange static feedback in my heet and I sound like a chipmunk. Sounds like a voice changer, check if you have any again, and then 3 more times and get back to us.

I literally just re-installed windows. I have no files, certainly no voice change. My mic quality went way down and it sounds high pitched. Intel Xeon E5 v3 3. AMD ThreadRipper 2! Did you know how you hear yourself is different than how others hear you. You are just hearing your internal voice.

Skill TridentZ 16GB. Im not sure what you mean by where it is in the system. I am thinking it is a motherboard issue after I've tried literally everything. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. It's easy!

Already have an ? in here. By Gfurr2 Started 1 minute ago Posted in Displays. By nelska Started 20 minutes ago Posted in Displays. By flyp Started 23 minutes ago Posted in Displays. By Epsichron Started 34 minutes ago Posted in Troubleshooting. By Hunlight Started 38 minutes ago Posted in Cooling. Existing user? Or in with one of these services in with Twitter.

in with Microsoft. in with Google. in with Steam. in with Discord. By sheaj98 October 6, in Audio. Posted October 6, Link to post Share on other sites. Maybe you do sound like chipmunk? There are voice changer software. I don't sound like a chipmunk irl. Wrb Funny Loading Xiauj Funny Loading Reset all audio setting back to defaults. Could be one of the sound effects being turned on. One of your friends is fucking hilarious. Maybe it's just because you are actually 9 years old. Just now, manikyath said:.

Just now, dexxterlab97 said:. Just now, NumLock21 said:. Knew one too, a while back during junior high or high school. NumLock21 Like Loading Just now, sheaj98 said:. Register a new . in Already have an ? In Now. Followers 3. Go to topic listing Audio. Tv flicks when theres too much white. Since, I've upgraded to a gsync monitor sometimes it blacks out when I start a game.. Monitor - help with purchase. Does CPU voltage make a difference? Time for a new cpu cooler. our Discord server.

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Discord high pitched voice

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Voice issues. (Bug fix help needed)