Dragon age inquisition leliana traitor

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File information Last updated 31 August AM. Original 31 August AM. ed by Soleera. Virus scan Safe to use. Tags for this mod Tag this mod. Forum thread. I was just torn between forgiving an murderous traitor and making Leliana a heartless killing machine Here's a solution, not immersive, but good enough. Thank you for your work. Gltone member 6 posts 0 kudos. Awesome work man, i found a guide but was so damn hard to follow, thanks alot!

Added and applied this mod through Frosty Mod Manager, but the rings did not appear in the Crossro Merchant's inventory still the same weapons he always sells but no rings. Got the warning that this mod was created for a different version of the game, but that warning pops up with every mod added through Frosty. No conflicts listed, but the rings simply never appear. Hello, sorry for the bad English, I'm from Brazil I decided to come here just to thank you, you saved my game play of more than hours with this mod.

I would even say that the creator protects you, but my inquisitor is an atheist kkkkk thank you very much!! Thanks for this. I am playing DAI again after a few years away. The times I played it I spent a lot of time talking to everyone at Haven - including Leliana, in conversations that apparently have effects that aren't seen until late in the game - but this time I skipped a lot of that: I already knew what they were going to say, and it didn't occur to me that those conversations mattered, surely later conversations could correct any misunderstandings?

Fifty hours later I was surprised by how brutal Leliana became during and after her personal quest. It made the game like a job where you can't stand a co-worker but have to deal with them all of the time anyway Mod to the rescue! Zero hassles, worked the first time, Leliana is no longer a bloodthirsty psychopath, very grateful.

Thank you very much, like many I have the small error at the beginning of the game.. I was afraid that no mod exists on this subject but thanks to you. You are my lord and saviour.

Dragon age inquisition leliana traitor

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