Dragon quest 9 patty

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The Hero or Heroine of IX , a Celestrian who has recently begun their training to become a guardian, protecting the mortal realm and tending to the Great World Tree, Yggdrasil. But when something goes horribly awry, the trainee winds up stranded in the mortal realm, and at the start of a perilous journey to learn the root of the world's problems The guardians of mortalkind, tasked with the almighty of protecting and caring for them. Unfortunately, it has been a long, often unpleasant task, and the Celestrians are starting to be less than thrilled with it.

A great tree growing at the zenith of the Observatory, the Celestrians eagerly nourish it with the Benevolessence collected from the Protectorate in anticipation of Fyggbloom, at which point they believe they will be freed of the tiresome task of caring for mortals. With Erinn running the show at the Quester's Rest, Patty's free to focus on her own field — party planning. She's so good at introducing and organizing adventurers that she's even earned the playful nickname 'Patty the Party Planner'.

Anyone who needs help setting up a solid group just needs to consult her, and she'll set them straight in no time! The beautiful and haughty queen of Gleeba , who spends her time lounging in the exquisite baths that actually drain a great deal of her country's reservoir. Appearing only before the hero after they discover her precious misplaced pet, the little lizard Lord Drak, she learns they seek the Fygg that has come into her possession, but rather than present them with the fruit, she spitefully denies it to them and slices it to pieces for her bathwater.

This monster appears in Gleeba and absconds with Princess Voluptua into the sewers beneath her private baths, having some very specific ideas about what it wants from her. In Gleeba, the priests have historically prayed at the grave of a nameless maiden who is buried in the holy ground of Pluvi Isle. The nameless maiden, later learned to be named Stellestria, features in a series of DLC quests exploring her story. The embodiment of rage; a powerful demonic force of pure hatred. Seeks to destroy those he finds unworthy — and he finds everyone unworthy.

Hates humanity, the Almighty, the Celestrians Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to to do this. Get Known if you don't have an . The Apprentice. Nothing bad could ever have happened to us. Columba: To be chosen by one who refused for so long to take on a pupil speaks volumes of your ability. Classes - Basic. Classes of Choice - The Basics. Classes - Advanced. Classes of Choice - The Advanced. Major Characters. Aquila Izayarl "You have come far, Apprentice. Barbarus, born of the darkness Styrmling, of the sacred force We once were as one Barbarus was destroyed when the Almighty sealed away the darkness And the weakening of the light aged me greatly But the sacred force remained strong enough.

Strong enough to guide you, and to bring the darkness and the light back into being. And Styrmling's spirit is once more made flesh And his body set free from its prison of so many years Now come and face me. Show the light-born the power of the one chosen by the sacred force. Supporting Characters. The Observatory Celestrian-kind "Hello? Is there anybody there? If you're there, say something. Show yourself. For how long now have we watched over their realm? For how long have we Celestrians existed? Aquila is your teacher, is he not? I pity you. He is unrelentingly strict.

The Creation of the World: In the beginning, the Almighty created mortalkind. Later came the Celestrians. Their long life span, their graceful wings, the halos above their he — all bear testament to their vast superiority. The Celestrians are a gift from the Almighty, bestowed upon weak foolish mortals in order to guide and protect them.

But they offer up not the slightest thanks. Is there really any need to watch over these ungrateful mortals? I have my doubts. To charge we Celestrians with the protection of such a race was a great burden for the Almighty to place on our kind. I trust your absence has not been so lengthy that you forget your old master, Apus Major! Aquila: Behold, Apprentice Is Yggdrasil, unto whom we offer the benevolessence we gather, not truly beautiful? Gathering and offering up benevolessence is the most sacred duty with which we Guardians are charged.

Villains and Major Monsters. Technically leagues beyond the Hexagoon in terms of power, by that point in the game, the Octagoon is actually just a mook. I'm a Humanitarian : While it normally feeds on rocks and boulders, its bestiary entry indicates it also preys on travelers through the Hexagon. Rhino Ram : This thing's a mixture of rhino and ram. Bad news all around. Shockwave Stomp : Can jump up and stomp on the ground causing rubble to hit the player. The Wight Knight An undead horseman who has begun terrorizing Loch Storn, defeating all of the soldiers sent after him and demanding to see the princess.

Yet despite his fearsome appearance, his reign of terror appears to be merely that, without the usual accompaniment of death and destruction. What drives him, then, to such actions? Jousting Lance : His main weapon is a lance. One-Man Army : Again, he defeated Stornway's entire military. Punny Name : On White Knight. Reforged into a Minion : Of Morag's. When he learns of this, he becomes a Reluctant Monster. Time Abyss : While he's aware he is undead, he initially doesn't realize it's been centuries since his time. When he does realize this, he doesn't take it well.

The Undead : A death knight. Walking Spoiler : A lot of his backstory is really secret. Your Princess Is in Another Castle! Morag A witch that lives in the ruins of Brigadoom and claims that the Wight Knight is her slave. Absolute Cleavage : Her dress is cut down from the top showing off the sides of her bust. Knife Nut : Wields one during her battle. Mythology Gag : She does the once-a-game "puff-puff" gag in this case, seducing your party members and making them lose a turn. A young girl in the Iluugazar Plains does it also.

But with sheep. Our Demons Are Different : She has wings and a tail and Also has some moderate undertones of Horny Devils. Red Eyes, Take Warning : Her eyes can cause sleepiness, paralysis, and can even brainwash mortals. Sealed Evil in a Can : She sealed herself and the Wight Knight away, but the earthquake broke the seal. Stalker with a Crush : Towards the Wight Knight, whom she brainwashed into her service. Yandere : For the White Knight. Punny Name : No, you do not want to be around a ragin' contagion, or even a ragin' Cajun contagion. Sealed Evil in a Can : The recent earthquake broke the pot the Ragin' Contagion had been sealed in, allowing it to spread illness once again.

Besides the Contagion itself, his Bestiary entry implies that it was sealed in the Quarantomb to seal something away

Dragon quest 9 patty

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