Draymond green snapchat uncensored

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The United States men's basketball team member originally said the incident was a result of his getting hacked:. Green later apologized, telling reporters he "pushed the wrong button" when using the app. Green also told reporters the post was "intended to be a private message," and he knew he had made a mistake "immediately. The snafu elicited plenty of reaction on social media, including the following tweet from Rick Merritt of First thing I see on the TL is a pic of draymond green's thing..

Bleacher Report's Mike Vernon then provided a look at Green's potential reaction upon finding out about the Snapchat controversy:. Things haven't gone Green's way as of late, as his suspension for an accumulation of technical fouls in the NBA Finals was a contributing factor in the Cleveland Cavaliers coming back to win the title. He also reached a plea deal regarding a recent incident at an East Lansing, Michigan, bar, where he was allegedly involved in an altercation with former Michigan State cornerback Jermaine Edmondson, per ESPN.

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Draymond green snapchat uncensored

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Draymond Green Apologizes After NSFW Image Surfaces on Snapchat