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ETCG is a tech guru who has a knowledge of computing that is as mind-bogglingly broad as it is deep, which includes, but is not limited to: hardware repair, servers, programming, hacking, digital surveillance systems, networking, web marketing……. The difference between ETCG and other tech content creators I have found is two-fold: firstly, production values. Secondly, and most importantly, ETCG has the extremely rare gift of taking quite complex and involved subjects and presenting them in an understandable and easy to follow manner.

This is a common boast but a very rare accomplishment. He gives the following analogy: writing code is not like going to the gym. Because that is exactly how it is with learning coding. Rather than forging ahead come what may no surrender! Unlike other tech geniuses and gurus, ETCG understands such things. And learn newbies shall, if they watch and re-watch ETCG. I imagine that he has grown weary and wary of being relentlessly challenged to a duel to the death by a new model army of keyboard warriors, all wishing to assert their claim to be the chosen one. I hope I can do a blog post about him too.

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Eli the computer guy php

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