Erotic couples massage stories

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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. I am one of those husbands whose sex fantasies include imagining my wife in sexual situations with another guy. Let me quickly add: I have a fine self-concept, and do not enjoy the idea of another guy with my wife because I am a loser, or because I have a small dick, or because I like feeling cuckolded or humiliated.

No, with me, it is purely sexual: I am very aroused by my wife, who I love a lot, and I am very aroused by seeing her naked she is quite attractive. Most exciting to me is knowing that she is enjoying herself. I was never turned on by the idea of rape, or thinking about a women being forced to have sex. Ever since I first jerked off around age 10 or 11 , my fantasy has taken for granted that a woman consents: She wants to have sex with me, and it's mutual. Now that that is out of the way, here is my problem. Like perhaps most married women, my wife Shari does not have much of a need to do sex with another guy--she gets turned on by my attention, by my kisses, by my caresses.

Totally normal. But I had the thought that Shari might consent to, and even enjoy, some limited exploration of my fantasy. She has, after all, gotten a little more daring over the years, letting me bring her to a strong orgasm with a vibrator, standing in for my ever-softening dick. Yes, she would do a limited exploration of my fantasy. How limited can it be, so it is acceptable to her, yet still a turn-on for me? No, not fucking another guy in front of me, and not sucking a guy--those are over the top. Maybe some day in the future, but not now.

Maybe something less intense, like getting a massage with me there. A couples massage! I asked Shari if she would want that. After thinking about it for days, and having me bring it up time after time, Shari smiled and said yes. We live upstate New York, near Montreal, Quebec, and we had been wanting to get away for a weekend together. Hotels there offer these great deals for weekends, often including a meal or two, so we reserved a room. I went on the internet and found masseurs who do "out calls.

I spoke with Henri, with whom I felt immediate comfort with--he was an older man who told me about his family, his interest in soccer, and his experience as a masseur. I mentioned how my wife and I wanted a couples massage, one at a time, but with the other present. He agreed. I then told him I wanted it to be a "sensual massage," meaning that we would be nude. After making it clear that he was not interested in doing more with me than a regular massage no genital manipulation , I consented. I conveyed the idea, too, that for my wife, the limit would be to be rubbed and stroked with his hands, on her breasts and between her legs.

In Montreal, we checked into our room. I called Henri to tell him the name of the hotel, and ask him to be there tonight at p. Getting dressed, Shari and I went out for dinner, and we had a couple of glasses of nice wine. I wanted us to enjoy our massages, so that afterwards we could enjoy the fresh fantasies as we made love later on.

We had a spectacular dinner, and walked the streets of Old Montreal. When we returned to our hotel room, my wife and I took a warm shower, and we put on our new soft plush robes. When Henri arrived, I was pleased that he was a smiling and mature gentleman. We agreed that he would massage me first, and then my wife. He asked if we would be nude, and I said yes. My wife was a little surprised, but she agreed, when I told her how excited it would make me.

Henri first gave me a massage. Shari pulled up a chair to sit nearby. I laid on the table he set up, and there were candles and music we had set up earlier. Henri started on my back, my neck, my arms. My robe hung on the sides of the table. Since Henri had reminded me he did not "do men," I understood that he would not be rubbing my cock, or anything similar. Nevertheless, my cock got hard as he massaged my ass cheeks, and the insides of my thighs. I turned over, and was a little self-conscious of my cock standing up a bit, but Henri didn't seem to notice.

He finished my massage, rubbing his warm massage oil into my legs, my feet that felt especially good! We were done, so my wife then took my place on the table. He asked her to take off as much of her clothing as she'd like, and turned down the lights.

I sat on the edge of the bed, next to the massage table. She decided to take off her bra and panties, covered only by her bath robe. Shari sat on the edge of the massage table, and Henri told her to lie down, face down. He started on her head. He stood behind her head, and his large soft hands gently massaged her neck, and her temples. She smiled, a little from nervousness, and a little from excitement.

He massaged down the center of her spine, looking as skillful as any chiropractor. Henri then did her legs, going up and down, and laughing when Shari jumped as he touched her sensitive feet. I could see she was warming up. I stood at her head, and gently stroked her head. She smiled, and I could tell she was feeling more relaxed. He touched her arm, and asked her to turn onto her back. Slowly, Shari turned on her back. Gently, Henri opened her robe, and let each side fall to the sides of the massage table. I suddenly got even more excited, seeing my wife's breasts looking so beautiful in the dim light; they were soft, large, creamy white with large dark nipples.

Her nipples seemed stiff, which meant she was excited. Henri massaged each leg, ignoring her hairy pussy. I could see the edges of her labia, and with her legs slightly apart, could see the tip of her clit. I sat down in the seat next to the massage table, while Henri took my place, standing at her head. What happened next caused me to shoot out not pre-cum, but some real come, without even touching myself. Henri squirted massage oil into his hands, rubbed his hands together, then leaned over, and rubbed her tummy a little. Then, in one smooth movement, he drew his hands toward himself, moving them up and apart, covering each of my wife's breasts.

My cock spurted as I watched him do this. Smiling, and aware of my excitement, Henri gently massaged each of her nipples in a circular motion, and then used a little more massage oil on his finger tips to wet down each of her nipples. Henri looked at me, and motioned me to come nearer. I stood up, and my cock started to drip. I watched as Henri softly massaged my wife's breasts. Shari seemed to be enjoying herself, sighing as Henri manipulated her beautiful breasts.

I could see moisture glistening on the edge of her labia, and with her legs moving apart, her clit seemed to be getting aroused as well. Covering her breasts with the top of her robe, Henri then moved down the side of the table, and massaged the outside of her left leg. He began with her foot, then worked his way up. Henri then did the other leg, working his way up to her thighs.

After doing the outside of her thigh, he slowly moved his hand to the inside of her legs, stroking them up and down, and stopping just short of her pussy. Again, my cock started spitting out come. Looking at me, Henri winked, and then gently rested his middle finger on her clit, stroking it up and down. Shari twisted, and closed her legs a bit.

Erotic couples massage stories

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