Fallout 4 slavers

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Can you mezz enemies, strap a bomb collar on them, and make them slaves in your settlements? Would be cool if you can do it to any NPC. If they try to escape, the bomb collar will go off. Different NPC's will have different personalities as a slave. I'd love it though, but I might not roll a character evil enough to take advantage of it. Or it was that GK liam neeson dude. Doubt we'll see our own, but it seems we can infer that we will see synth slaves in places.

I probably wouldn't actually do it, but I'd be all for it being an option. It would fit with themes in past Fallouts and with the whole synth angle. Ideally it would have its own repercussions: certain traders less willing to deal with you, attacks from anti-slavery factions, etc. All it takes is one person to take a screenshot of their black slave ploughing a vegetable garden, and next thing you know Bethesda's on some trashy local news station where a woman with a voice like a foghorn is screeching about the vidya game slavery simulator.

But would it be evil? Lets say you only enslave raiders. The only other alternative would be death. Although, as a person that dabbles in mods I am thinking of a jail system. You capture a raider, put them in jail for x amount of time. After a certain period of time goes by they are released as productive citizens in your settlement. The average cost per year in the USA is about 30k.

But in fallout I don't believe they ever left the gold standard, until the cap standard was introduced. I'm white, and I let out a really loud laugh when I read this. If slavery would be an option, there would have to be some kind of Blazing Saddles reference somewhere. I'm still chuckling Uhh how exactly do you capture them?? They are typically armed, possibly drugged out of gourds, and not real bright. I would expect most surrender demands be met with laughter and gunfire. Plus when you shoot uhh generally your not looking to wound, well at least thats 2-caps motto and wasting meds patching up some [censored] that either tried robbing me, or burned my house or the town, or even worse tried to draw on me that just aint gonna happen.

I think it'd be cool. It wasn't a very deep system, but still cool. Mesmatron in fallout 3. Or a simple dart gun with a paralytic agent. In the case of the mesmatron, its lore friendly. The dart gun, is a simple crude device that would mesh well into the game. Failing that, you take a bat, and beat a person until they fall down, and then drag them off to your slavers den.

Some modding required to have a knockout attack with the bat. As for controlling the slaves, as established in both fallout 3 and new vegas, slaver collars exist. They step out of line, and boom goes the head. Return to Fallout 4. Post a reply.

Can you have slaves in settlements? I shoot slavers as soon as I see them. Turns out it was Todd Howard. Lol Not likely but woul be amusing. Haha In all seriousness though I really doubt you'll be able to own slaves not counting mods for it. I can imagine people not gamers, or maybe certain gamers really whining about this in the same way people would whine if they had in game killable children. Not likely to happen without mods.

I can understand if Bethesda preferred not to take the chance. Few things are as satisfying as icing a MFer who rightfully earns a few rounds in the face. And if I know Eddo thre, he will probably come back with arguments to make slavery sound like a good thing.

The best thing. And if they get uppity I'll feed em to deathclaws. So that's ok. Some modding required to have a knockout attack with the bat As for controlling the slaves, as established in both fallout 3 and new vegas, slaver collars exist.

Fallout 4 slavers

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What happened to slavers in fallout 4?