Foot fetish bot

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Out of all things that artificial intelligence AI can do to benefit the good of the humanity , generating fake feet photos has got to be… on the very top of the list? Rest assured humanity, your AI-produced fake feet photos are here. And within a couple of minutes, you get a photo texted to you that looks something like this. To refresh, GAN is class of machine learning, in which two virtual bots contest with each other to better ; in this case, feet photos. Given a training set of images, the bots learn to generate new data with the same set of statistics as the training set.

So, the process essentially competes with itself and, in this manner, improves over time. One of the things TFDNE also uniquely offers is the experience of asking for and receiving foot pictures. Their aim is to represent a a smarter and more thoughtful intersection of GANs and porn-adjacent images.

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Foot fetish bot

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Mistress Rosie (foot fetish bot)