Foot rub stories

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Little bit of back story - please do bear with me Okay - my first foot experience: My first experience with feet came at college. I knew I had a predilection towards feet since around 7th grade - I'd look at the feet of girls in class, of my teachers, and of other moms. Whenever I read a magazine or was watching television - I'd find my eyes racing right to the feet of pretty woman. By the time I got into high school - with the help of the internet - I figured out that what I had was called a 'foot fetish. College gave me more freedom. I really only knew people in my classes or major or that lived in my dorm.

I met a lot of people, and obviously met a lot of women. Needless to say - that by now my curiosity and desire to explore my foot fetish had grown exponentially from junior high. Well, one Friday evening of my first semester - this was the week of midterms so everyone was cramming and going crazy and was now relieved that it was over And this would indirectly lead to quite a few more. A bunch of us were going to attend a dinner or some type of event sponsored by the university to celebrate the end of midterms.

It was a nice dinner and most of the gals were dressed in high heels. Very nice views all around of some cute toes! After eating I began to chit chat and unwind. I stayed there for almost two hours. Then a group of people from my dorm decided to head back, and myself and a few others ed them. On they way back, a few of the girls complained about walking in heels. One of them was a girl named Deb, in a few of my classes. I really didn't talk with her much outside of class, and she wasn't very attractive - but she seemed like a nice girl and her feet didn't look quite that bad at all.

Just a little rough and dry from what I could tell from quick glances. We both lived on the 2nd floor - and she lived two doors down on the opposite side of the hall. Everyone else that walked back lived on other floors - or went to play pool or air hockey in the student lounge in the basement. She and I are walking up the stairs - and she complains again about her feet hurting.

This would make the fourth time she would have done so since we left dinner. I sensed an opportunity and decided to try my luck. I asked "if wearing heels really did hurt her feet that much? I could see that it left a red mark from where it was making contact with her skin. I said, "They really do hurt. I thought you were just complaining for the sake of complaining. I didn't intend to come across as mean. My feet hurt from walking everywhere anyway. The heels aren't helping - that's for sure. She then said "Really!? Would you really? That would so great.

My feet are killing me. She points to a chair by the bed and asks if that's okay. Remember - I'd never done this before I knew what to do - but reading about it and then actually doing it are two different things. She handed me a bottle of lotion and I went to work. I could see from her heels on the floor - that she was a size 7. It was quite a She was lying back with her eyes closed. She had her feet in my lap - I certainly didn't mind. She'd just say 'that's great' or 'oh, thank you so much. I was afraid to do anything more. If she felt something in my lap she might wonder what that was I didn't.

But I was still very happy with the massage. After about 30 minutes there was a knock on the door. Her roommate Christine and a mutual friend of both Jen were back. The knock on the door half scared me to death. So by the time Christine had opened the door and walked in with Jen at least 15 seconds - I shifted position so that Mr. Happy was nowhere to be seen phew!

They both looked surprised seeing me rub Deb's feet - and Jen was like But before I left rubbed Deb's feet for another 10 minutes or so both Christine and Jen had made me promise that they would get their turn soon enough. And Christine did - the next evening. Deb thanked me probably a hundred times during the whole massage - and she was evening egging on Christine and Jen that it felt so good that they didn't know what they were missing.

This was Friday night. After I finished working on Deb's feet - I went back to my room. My roommate still wasn't back and since I had the room to myself I had given my first foot massage!!! And she enjoyed it, too! I went to bed with a mischievous grin on my face that night - that's for sure. She then says, "I hope you don't think I'm asking too much, but could you give me another foot massage when I get back to the dorm? It was so relaxing. I finally said, "Sure. Jen lived downstairs in my building. I get back to my room and and tried to get some school stuff done.

After what seemed like an eternity - I hear a knock on the door. I assume it's my roommate, but when I open the door it's Deb and Christine. They ask if I'm ready and then we go over to their room. They both plop into each of their beds and slide off their flip-flops. Christine wants to go first - but Deb convinces her otherwise, saying that she'd make it quick and then wanted to leave to someone's place off campus party a bit later. I sat down in the chair by Deb's bed and took some lotion into my hands and warmed them up. Deb lay back and again took her foot and placed them right into my lap.

I carefully repositioned her feet in my lap close to my growing erection, but not on it. As I slowly took Deb's foot into my hands, it again felt very sensual. And now since I've had just a bit of practice, I was more comfortable navigating my hands from her toes to her p to her soles to her heels and up to just above her ankles and the tops of her feet.

The first time I massaged her feet I felt a bit clumsy and like I said But now, I felt more confident and I actually focused on trying to give her a foot massage If I was able to improve my technique, she's even more likely to ask for more in the future.

While I began working on Deb's feet, Christine decided to take a seat on the bed next to Deb and then placed her feet on the side of my lap and then began to play with Deb's un-attended foot using her feet. This tickled Deb and she complained Deb was just a bit to my left and ahead of me my o clock and Christine was at my 1 o clock. I was working on Deb's right foot so to me So both feet were on the 'same side' of Mr. Christine, when she put her feet in my lap and just played with Deb's foot Happy in a sand-which between Deb's foot and her feet.

Luckily, Christine though taller was further up in the bed, so her feet only came up to Deb's ankle. This meant that just after a little bit of time, her heels ended up right on the head of Mr. Happy - while wiggling them against Deb's foot.

Foot rub stories

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Cousin let's me massage her feet while acknowledging that I have a foot fetish.