Forced to wear sisters clothes

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Shortly after I had my seventh birthday me and my twin sister had to go to live with our aunt. All was OK it came to me going to bed I my mum and dad let me just sleep in my shorts. My aunt told me I would have to wear that I was not happy but once my aunt had spoken that was it no backing down. So I had to wear one on my sisters Nighties this was OK as not one else would no. After a few days had gone by my case with my clothes in was getting empty one morning I got up and went to look for some clean underpants my aunt came into the kitchen and asked me what I was looking for why was I not dressed I said I looking for clean underpants!

She said I have to wear a some on my sisters to which I told her no way I got school and I got gym. After a few seconds I knew it was no good saying no as my Aunt would win in the end so I had to wear my sisters knickers to school. Well when I came to gym class and getting changed I had forgot that I was wearing my sisters knickers.

I was in the changing room just as I took of my shirt I remembered I was wearing my sisters underwear I froze and tried to make to the toilet cubicle but on my way our teacher cam in and shouted at me where you going I tried to say going to toilet but he said no get changed and get in the gym well my heart sank as I knew all the outer boys would see my what I was wearing.

As they has flowers all over them well I tried to take my shorts of with the knickers at the same time but just as I thought I got away with it the boy next to me spotted them I thought god he going to say some thing but he did't When I got home I asked my aunt if she done any washing she said no my heart sank as I knew I have to wear my sisters clothes again.

Over the next few days I ended up wearing more and more of my sisters clothes she had brought lots more than I had. The weekend came and my aunt did some washing I thought good I going to have my own clothes back to wear well that did not happen as my aunt only washed her clothes and my sisters not mine so the next week I ended up wearing my sisters clothes every day this went till I was 17 and got a job away from home.

As a result even now I still wear knickers and a nightie but that all every thing else Is men's. I wore my sisters clothes till I was 7 because my dad wasnt making enoh money to by me clothes and since I was 11months younger I had to wear hers. Im 73 and I told my wife of 50 years about this and I still feel the to wear girls clothes. If she new this she would really be mad what she dont know wont hurt her. Im getting ready to go to the casino and I dont care who knows. Im to old to care. I too was made to be dressed as a girl at the age of nine.

My dad left us and it was moms way of keeping me under strict control so I was feminised completely. All my boys underwear was thrown out and replaced with the same little vests and knickers that my younger sister wore, all mine had my name sewn on them so there was no doubt they were mine. After school and weekends mom would put me in the same dress as my younger sister, I was made to go with her to ballet lessons every Saturday morning dressed in a pink leotard, pink tights and a wrap over bolero, I hated being the only boy in the class and that the teacher only ever called us girls When I complained to mom she just said she would make sure it was known I was a boy.

This was to ensure that I looked more like a girl rather than a boy dressed as a girl. My bedroom was redecorated in pink and lemon and my pjs were replaced with childishly short nighties with matching panties. I am eighteen now and mom still insists on me wearing knickers under my boy clothes, and I still wear nighties to bed. I too was made to wear girls nighties after the washing machine malfunctioned. My mom had put three sets of my pjs in with some other stuff the gone shopping only for the machine to go wrong. That night after my bath she brought me one of my younger sisters nighties to wear and as I started to kick off about it being filler girls she told me it was my own fault and that I should make sure I put y jammies in the washing basket.

I complained about my bottom and willy being on show and mommy said I was eight years old and had nothing to be embarrassed about. I continued to whine about it and suddenly she went upstairs and came back then taking hold of me she gave a stinging slap to my bare bottom and as tears came she held out a pair of my sisters panties ordering me to step into them. I pleaded not to make me wear girls panties which got me another slap and another one as I defied her Then sitting me on her lap she tipped me back and fed my feet into them before standing me up and pulling them up pushing my little peepee down, she sternly told me to f I took them off she would buy me nappies and baby panties and I would be wearing them to bed every night.

She replaced my pjs with nighties and panties and took to getting me ready for bed every night. I did get used to my short frilly nighties that showed off my soft cotton panties. I too was made to wear girls knickers to school. My twin sister potty trained earlier than me, even at the age of five I was still being put in towelling nappies and vinyl panties, so when I did eventually potty train I was put in the same knickers as my sister.

I got teased at school when going to the toilet especially bad I had been trained to sit to tinkle. Mommy kept me in the same knickers as my sister until I was eleven years old. Part of the reason I doubt this happened. The spelling is atrocious too. Aren't boys who are feminized supposed to learn neat writing and impeccable grammar?

At 14,yes it is,boys are becomming young men at that age and they dont need a pacifier! Leave the pacifiers for the girls! My sister is 14 and a bedwetter and wears cloth diapers and plastic panties to bed every night. After mom puts the diapers and plastic panties on her she walks around with a pacifier in her mouth and her plastic panties crinkle under her nightgown!

There is nothing wrong with your sister using a pacifier with her bedwetting diapers and plastic pants on! She obviously feels like a baby with the diapers and plastic pants on,so she uses the pacifier. I have seen teen girls having "diaper" slumber parties and using pacifiers and baby bottles,etc and also have seen teen girls being baptized at Easter vigil wearing poofy white,top of the knees baptism dresses with a bonnet,lace socks and white shoes and a cloth diaper and plastic pants on under their dresses and having a pacifier on a ribbon around their necks. So your sister is not out of line using her pacifier!

I too was put in dresses and knickers at the age of seven years old. I went to live with my grandma after my dad died, she was a very strong minded woman and as I soon found out not to be argued with. As I started life with her she told me about her rules for little boys under her roof, I became scared of her which resulted me having wetting accidents both day and night.

I was teased at school over my trainer pants that sometimes could be seen under my only pair of boy shorts. I am a teen girl, When i was 8 years old,my parents finially had me baptized at sunday mass as a baby! I was put into a dozen cloth diapers with babyprint,youth size rubberpants over them and a white tee shirt as my top and had white tights over the diapers and rubberpants.

I had a high waist,poofy,bouffant shoulder,top of the knees baptism gown with a matching bonnet and white satin booties. I had a pink pacifier on a ribbon around my neck and had to use it during the ceremony. I was considered a baby that day for my baptism and every one thought i looked very cute and baby like.

Then two years later when i was 10,i made my First Communion and my baptism diapers,rubberpants and tights and tee shirt were put on me again and i had to wear them under my communion dress. To teen girl You were lucky that you were only 8 years old when you were dressed as a baby for your baptism! I was just past 15 when my parents finially had me baptized and my great aunt and gramma told my parents i should be dressed as a baby!

They got me a very poofy,white,above the knees,sleeveless baptism dress and had a bonnet made to match it. They made me wear a sleeveless undershirt with a 10 ply thick cloth diaper with white adult size rubberpants over it with white ruffled tights over. I was dressed in the outfit in the parish nursery and felt like a baby! The only thing that saved me that day was there were two other girls baptized with me who were 14 and 12 and they were dressed in similar outfits,only they didnt have the tights like i did.

When my sister was 12,she started puberty and started wetting the bed because of it. Our parents put her into cloth diapers and rubberpants for the bedwetting and she wore them every night to bed. Since i was a year younger than her,mom and dad always threatned me with making me wear her diapers and rubberpants if i misbehaved! Knowing that she looked like a baby with her diapers and rubberpants on,i didnt want to be like that so i was mostly a good kid!

Sis was still bedwetting before her 15th birthday and her and i were in our aunts wedding,me as the ringbearer and sis as her flowergirl. A few days before the wedding,i got into trouble and the morning of the wedding,mom put sis's diapers and rubberpants on her that she wore under her flowergirl dress,then i was forced to put the diapers and rubberpants on also and they bulged out under my tux trousers! I was quite embarrassed! Mom thought it was 'cute' that both of us were in diapers and rubberpants for the wedding! Your sister was dressed properly with her diapers and rubberpants under her dress,but no way should a boy be forced to wear them!

My aunt and uncle made me dress like little girl. I was 4 when I had to live with them. I love them and still wear panties all the time. My sister's panties were handed down to me. Mom says that I look cute in um and now buys me my own. I've been making out with one of my sister's boyfriends too. I saw in one site that sisters was dressing their little brother like girls and he was around 10 or12 or He was very embarressd. What do you feel When you are little boy and you have 2 sister and you dont have any t-shirt and sleep with them?

When I was 8 I was in a school play as a mouse in the pied piper and my costume was brown tights and a brown tee shirt. It was like a dress and tights. I felt good excited wearing it and used to wear it a lot at home. I kept wearing it after the play was done I would put it on and ask to sleep in it. Mom was OK with that and she would still but me pyjamas but I would often wear the tights. Even at that age I knew it was weird and only did it at home. Mom never tried to embarrass me or anything and she would tell me if we had visitors coming over so then I would wear pyjamas. Right into teen years as I grew, mom would buy my tights and ask if I would like any other girls clothes and I asked for a leotard and girls one piece swimming costume at various times.

My mom had wanted a girl and when I was born I guess she was depressed so my dad let her dress me as a girl. No one but my Aunt knew I was a boy. She let my hair grow out, dressed me in little girl rompers, frilly panties, sun suits, pink dresses, everything feminine until I reached school age when she couldn't do it anymore. My blond hair was to my waist by then and when she took me to get it cut like a boy, she cried.

She reluctantly bought me "boy" clothes and I started school, but I missed being a girl and still wore my "girl" clothes at home. My mom loved it but my dad hated it and they had huge fights, then he left and they divorced. From then on it was just me and my mom. At home we were mother and daughter and by the time I was 8 or 9, my hair was long again and she would style it on the weekends, dress me and we would go out together, I was totally passable.

This lasted until I was a young teen and I became interested in girls. Move forward 7 years and I am happily married now, but that is a whole other story!! My life as a girl has started again and I am secretly wearing my wifes things when I am alone, I can't believe how good it makes me feel. My wife is the Alpha in our relationship and I love that, I worship her. I want her to "discover" my little secret but I am afraid she would leave me.

I even started to let my hair grow out and she said she likes it, "it soften your face". Is that a hint? Not sure You need to be honest with her. This is part of who you are as a person, if she loves you she will accept it. But hiding it from her is dishonest. Explain it to her, explain what you like about it, explain how much you love her. I am a girl and when i was 15,i finially made my First Holy Communion with the 7 year olds in the class.

My great aunt Jenny,along with gramma,told my parents that i should be made into a little girl since i was in the class with them! They dressed me in a short sleeve,puffy,above the knees communion dress and veil with lace anklets and white mary jane shoes. They put the same white toddler size plastic babypants on me with a white tee shirt,just like the little girls wear under their dresses.

Forced to wear sisters clothes

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