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Here are eight folks making it happen. Callie Lipton photo: Sheila Roberts Orlando. But she also helps local youth explore their emotions, including those associated with bullying and coming out, through volunteer work with several area organizations: like the Salem Boys and Girls Club, where she and straight bandmate Aaron Katz are co-music directors. I remember when I was their age, dealing with my own questioning, that releasing things via lyrics and music was extremely therapeutic.

Girl, write a song about that. Kristian Hoysradt photo: courtesy Kristian Hoysradt. The LGBT liaison role is a perfect fit for Hoysradt, for whom political activism was part of the coming out process. Now, he says, he is honestly thrilled to have a first-of-its kind role working for a mayor he considers a dedicated ally. It encourages others to step up to the plate. Even among those who work in preservation, things change.

It celebrates its 75th anniversary this year. Quijano-West, who studied cultural anthropology and speaks six languages, sees great value in the multicultural experience. Asments have taken him to park posts all over the country, often functioning as a liaison between tribal and state governments.

Still, he seizes the moment to serve as a role model for those who need one. It sounds like pride might be the most important thing he works to preserve. Mickey Northcutt photo: courtesy Mickey Northcutt. Every community has the capacity for change. We think grandma is pretty proud too. Christopher Sicuranza photo: John Andrews. And as a longtime politico who has worked in multiple campaigns, he has witnessed the way in which sexuality can be perceived as a liability. In one all-night session, council members submitted the same tied vote times rather than change position.

So he launched Salem First Coalition, a web-based initiative to get more residents, especially those in the social media-savvy generation, engaged in civic issues and mobilized through voter drives and special events. This year his once reticent dad came to Salem Pride. And if living proud and transparently can move them, Salem politicians should be a cinch. Christian Day photo: Scott Lane. Salem is famously associated with the witch trials of But Christian Day is the male face most famously associated with the modern witch community in Salem, and maybe the world.

That Day is gay is somewhat fitting. At 14 years old he was the youngest artist accepted to train with Oscar-winning special effects makeup artist Dick Smith, the man who, among other claims to fame, transformed baby-faced Linda Blair into the grotesque Satanic spawn in The Exorcist.

Frankenstein does better than anyone: make sure that in Salem and beyond, the most marvelous monsters never die. Alyssa Jones photo: courtesy Alyssa Jones. In her undergrad days as a sociology student at Mount Holyoke College, Jones learned the power of observation. Yet as an activist, Jones seems anything but unwilling to jump right in.

Over the last few years she has become increasingly active with the Human Rights Campaign, tracing a route that reminds us anyone with dedication and enthusiasm has the potential to be a player in his or her community. Listen Live. E-mail this article. Sending your article. Mickey Northcutt photo: courtesy Mickey Northcutt Every community has the capacity for change. Alyssa Jones photo: courtesy Alyssa Jones In her undergrad days as a sociology student at Mount Holyoke College, Jones learned the power of observation. Sorry, we could not find your e-mail or password.

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Gay salem ma

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