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FanFiction unleash your imagination. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Sort: Category. Dedicated to Spruceton Spook who asked a while ago for a story of just flashbacks so here we are! I have updated all the chapters-fixed some things and I plan on having Chapter 13 up by the weekend. Lost in Paradise by TemptingDrug reviews It hurt her more to be with him than without him. Chichi enjoyed every single second left she had with her family before the Cell games until the inevitable happened.

After the Cell games, Chichi must find a way to get used to Goku's absence When Worlds Collide by gue22 reviews Chichi had to learn the hard way that the purest heart in the universe does not always make the best husband material. After all these years, when fate plays a cruel hand, is there hope for them? Stolen life by lone saiyan woman reviews The earth has been invaded and the saiyans have taken all the women, chichi is one of them and now is a slave to her master.

Kakarot saves her life and now she is angry at him because she wanted to die. Half Agony by Malevolent Reverie reviews What we perceive can break so easily. What we want isn't always what we get. What we feel isn't always reciprocated. What we see isn't always what's truly there.

Nightlight by bardalicious reviews Done at request from gokusdonut on tumblr. Goten has a nightmare about Majin Buu. Goku comes in to comfort him. Play with me by Berryberrykix6 reviews Goku and Chichi rekindle their love from the help of Goten.

Spectre by Malevolent Reverie reviews Tragedy strikes. Goku makes a promise that he intends to keep no matter the cost. He was twisted. Sometimes I was his daughter. Other days, I played the role of the hostage. But every horrible, gruesome night, I became a woman. A scientist develops a serum to transform human females into Saiyans.

ChiChi is kidnapped to become one and chosen to go to the first commander: Kakarot. But neither can stand each other. Will true love bloom? The Ties That Bind by Malevolent Reverie reviews An accident with instant transmission leaves Goku permanently bound to a woman living in the real world, where Saiyans and power levels don't exist.

Can they solve each other's problems or will his presence just cause more? Lethal by Malevolent Reverie reviews The nice family in the woods had dark intentions for Videl. Cherished by Malevolent Reverie reviews Sequel to "Neglected. How Did This Happen? Around words, one-shot. Takes place somewhere before the androids arrive. Just Married by nneefa reviews Chi-Chi would have never guessed she would have two weddings in her lifetime.

She wants to salvage her marriage, but the law just won't allow it. Does Goku love her enough to stay with her, or does the thrill for adventure mean more to him? Sharotto is in search of her son Goku wom she has not seen since his birth on Planet Vegeta.

Sharotto must find him to tell her son of the revalations to come. This fan fic is written in the hopes to entertain the masses of the DB universe. Picture Perfect Mutilation by Mystic Dodo reviews As her blood stains the sheets and a wound hides in her eyes, he leaves his wife to find guilty solace in his rival. Neglected by Malevolent Reverie reviews Videl and Gohan have been happily married for several years. But when Videl begins to feel neglected, will she and Goku strike up an unlikely friendship?

Chi-Chi tries to come to terms with the fact that her husband changes more than the weather. Xanthippe by LPphreek reviews Goku left his family many times through his life, but was it because he didn't care or was he afraid of his wife? And how did she take his disappearances? A look into the relationship of Goku and Chi-Chi. Let me fix the lighting in here. But when that certain sayjin chooses one for a mate what will happen? Can ChiChi ever accept that part of Goku that hurts her? Does a Divorce seperate these two young lovers before they ever know it?

Read and find out She looked strong and willed but on the inside she was a broken woman, living with the pain of loneliness and loss of love. How did she ever manage? Insanely Long OneShot! Caring by mychakk reviews What do you do when your son accuses you of not caring for your spouse? Kakorrot recieves a slave as a gift, he soon grows fond of her. A war begins, to grow as rumor of friza trying to destory Planet Vegeta rises to life.

What more could happen! Goku's Plan by daftpunkress reviews Goku is acting weird, the kids are gone, the house is empty what could he possibly have planned for himself and chichi? Unmistakably the Same by lcewind reviews Chichi gets a little curious about the change in her husband - only to realize he's still the same. Completed in time for Valentine's Day! Don't change, I love you by bvprincess23 reviews Goku and Chi-Chi are getting ready to go out for dinner, when Goku notices something that really bothers him.

My very first Romance and my first Songfic. Back From Otherworld by gue22 reviews What is it that made Goku do something so unexpected when he came back from otherworld to fight in the martial arts tournament? How will it affect his relationship with Chichi? Hey get that look off your face and check the rating, there will be none of that here! I know he was a kid! Catastrophe follows as the room turns out to be far more dangerous than anyone ever thought.

Abused by her masters she's come to hate all Saiyans but could a certain Saiyan change her mind. One- Shot. Slight lemon at end. Thank you! Through their bond he continuously tries to keep her put together but the cracks in their bond seem to be too much for her to take. Rated M because there are some pretty dark issues at hand. This man has come several times to achieve a certain goal.

Even if it means to kill. Dedicated to a friend. Vegetasei and Earth are in deals for a union. Kakarot is ordered to protect Earth's most precious asset, but can he control his growing feelings? Well, thanks to Baba, he gets a week to go back to do that But at what cost? And how is everyone reacting to his death? I Never Said Goodbye by Kerghan-MB reviews Goku showed up too late to say goodbye but with ChiChi six feet under he realizes how much he let the one person he promised the world too he let down. So many things run down as he deals with ChiChi's death knowing he'll never be forgiven Valour by Kinoha reviews Long OneShot ChiChi has managed to keep her halfdemon status as a secret from her new husband, but now Goku's suspicious about her weird and 'demonic' behaviour Can she keep her secret or?

Make up by Chemical connection and Drake reviews Soemtimes arguments can be pretty nasty. Gohan learns this the hard way. Would you love a monsterman? Describes Chichi's first reaction to seeing Goku in his Super Saiyan 4 form. Beyond The Forest by Kerghan-MB reviews AU Goku is considered a demon, being cast out from humanity from the day he was born has burned an anger deep inside to get revenge. But when a young girl stumbles into him his ideas of humanity change. But will anyone accept them? Bedridden by NansJns reviews Takes place during the three year wait for the Andriods.

When ChiChi suddenly falls very ill, Goku has to take care of her. One of my older fics. She and Goku have had many fights over this and each time she won. But when they are invited to a BBQ and he confronts her one last time, what will she say?

Not the best summary, but I tried What he doesn't know is something is about to happen, that has never happened before Sex and the city:Dbz style by lone saiyan woman reviews chichi,bulma and 18 r women in their prime in manhattan, 18and bulma man eaters in their right chichi been a lil subtle would there be certain saiyans there to fill their needs?

CCG BV 18? Complicated Beginning by Amiko-san reviews The wedding was beautiful, but far from perfect. Now this couple must get through everyday life after realizing that love is not their strong hold. How will ChiChi and Goku cope with getting to know one another as husband and wife? Roses and Swans by CarolinaWhiteRose reviews Chichi accepts that she must raise her two children alone, but does Goku?

Can Goku convince her that he loves her like she is and she's the only woman for him in many aspects?

Goku and chichi fanfiction lemon

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