Good looking girls with hairy arms

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Some women have dark hair on their arms, which is noticeable when wearing short sleeves. Even blond hair is very noticeable in the sunlight. As much as women enjoy shaving their legs and under arms in order to look smooth and tidy for men , there are just so many hours in a day, my friend. But thank you for noticing and scrutinizing our arm hair.

As a hairy-armed woman, I am intrigued by the idea, however. Maybe there are some men out there who would like to try out this trend. Dear Amy: About 10 years ago, my friend of 40 years borrowed a large sum of money to start a business. The business failed, and my friend has been struggling to make ends meet ever since. At first she made some payments, but has not done so or made any attempt to discuss it in about eight years. My husband wants me to say something to her, but at this point I have pretty much accepted that we will not see the return of the money.

Should I say anything and risk losing a friend, or just continue the way we are? It would be great to have some extra money, but we are OK without it. What do I do? The relationship is already at risk. There you are: whispering with your husband about it and strategizing about what to do. Surely your friend feels similar pressure, coming from a different direction. You should contact her, with your goal being to prompt her to face this realistically and then perhaps put it to bed.

We can help you set up an automatic payment of a small amount each week. Can you manage that? If you want the friendship to continue, then you should formally forgive the debt and move on. She wondered why they were being invited to a baby shower of someone she barely knows.

This is an obvious gift-grab, Amy, and you seemed to endorse it! I saw through this immediately. What were you thinking? Dear Disappointed: A person receiving an invitation to an event is under no obligation to send a gift; they are only expected to respond to the invitation. Maybe this invitation was a bid for a gift, or maybe it was a bid for connection. Invitations and announcements should be received with gratitude and responded to with congratulations. No gift is necessary.

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Good looking girls with hairy arms

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