Guys wearing leotards

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Wiki User. I know I do. I wish it were more accepted by the public. I would wear it everywhere! Ya like its so rad like totally i love em im not gay thougl lol!! I like wearing a long sleeve leotard with a back zipper with matching opaque tights and women's shiny panties under the tights during the cols winter months. They really fit and feel nice too, especially under kiddie style snug corduroy bib overalls. I'll usually bring a change of loose fitting clothes and baggy boxer shorts and short sleeve undershirt to put on after seeing the doctor.

The doctor and nurse are both female, Iv'e known for several years too. They really like seeing me in those snug kiddie clothes and leotards underneath. I'm usually their last patient for the day. I'm rather aroused while waiting to be called in for my examination with all clothes off. Once in the exam room, the nurse will help me slowly undressing,especially those beautiful leotard, opaque tights and shiny lady's panties, slowly one layer at a time starting with the warm snug bib overalls right down to those shiny Ballet panties and soon completely naked, gowned and ready to be seen by my lady doctor.

I love being snug in leotards and I'm not imitating or competing with women nor am I gay. Leotards look and feel just as nice on a guy in decent shape, as one a beautiful woman. On the contrary, my girlfriend thinks it looks good and hot on me. I wish the public can more more accepting about this concept for us men who wish to dress as so. Log in. See Answer. Best Answer. More answers.

That sentence was long! Q: How many men like to wear women's leotards? Write your answer Still have questions? Find more answers Ask your question. Upgrade today and get a week for free! Get unlimited, ad-free homework help with access to exclusive features and priority answers. Start free trial. Related questions. People also asked. Man wear leotard? View . Can a boy wear a girls leotard? You enjoy wearing leotards and you are a man?

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Guys wearing leotards

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Do Boys Wear Leotards? And what is a Dance belt?