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Jump to . This review includes plot details for Suicide Squad. There are many things one must consider when chasing down exactly what makes Suicide Squad a Bad Movie. Viola Davis in Suicide Squad. June Moone Cara Delevingne , has been possessed by the dark witch-goddess Enchantress and is currently wreaking havoc on Midway City. The film has lots of potentially great female characters, including Enchantress, who is more powerful than any other character in the DC Universe up to now; wild and fearless baddie Harley Quinn Margot Robbie ; and Katana Karen Fukuhara , whose quest for revenge on the criminals who murdered her husband is by far the most compelling bit of characterization in the movie.

And with their powers combined, they could make S uicide Squad into a feminist juggernaut, right? Karen Fukuhara plays Suicide Squad member Katana. Slipknot Adam Beach is introduced by punching a female guard in the face. Go down there, smack her on the ass, and tell her to stop that shit. His understanding of emotional abuse is shockingly off-base. The fact that she was coerced into potential suicide is hurriedly swept into the corner when we see the Joker turn to walk away, only to shake his head, turn back, and swan dive into the chemicals himself.

See, screams Ayer through his script, he does care! Angry antifeminist comics fans have already begun attacking feminist critiques of Suicide Squad , of course, alleging as they are wont to do that feminists hate sex and never want female characters in danger. Feminism means more than giving a woman a bat or a bomb. It means a commitment to empowering women to defy their tormentors, break the cycle of abuse, and lift up other women in turn, not simply to raise the glass ceiling a few feet. Samantha Riedel is a freelance writer and editor living in Massachusetts.

Samantha subsists on a balanced diet of estrogen, pro wrestling, and comic books. Prolonged contact may cause irritation. Follow her on Twitter SamusMcQueen. Get Bitch Media's top 9 re of the week delivered to your inbox every Saturday morning! I think it's unfair to expect this movie to be feminist in anyway. Harley is a very human and very flawed character that is in an abusive relationship. That is the constant story line with her and the Joker. You can't expect a film adaptation of the comic to display anything different. Like the comics, it does not glorify the abuse.

It just presents it as is and leaves it to the audience to decide what to make of it. Are you really that stupid enough to believe that David Ayer was trying to "soften" the relationship between Harley Quinn and the Joker? The relationship presented in the movie was a straight, textbook case of how abusive relationship works. Do yourself a favor and read up on the subject. By the way, are you in the pay of Marvel and Disney? I noticed that you had nothing to say about the third Captain America movie. Thank you!! They are supposed to portray them the way they are portrayed in the comics.

Harley has Stockholm's syndrome. One of her many disorders is literally sympathizing with her captor. It was the writer's job to lay their relationship out on the table, and to let the audience take what they would from it. Most people chose to sympathize with Harley, including myself because I was in an abusive relationship and I know how it feels to want them to love you like you do them.

You aren't supposed to root for Harley and the joker to escape together, you're supposed to understand why she wants to go so bad. Educate yourself on subjects before you spew this bullshit that gives feminists a bad name. We do not have to be offended by everything. It's kind of pathetic that this lackluster, rah rah feminist review about fictional people is enough to make you not want to see a movie. Women like you make me ashamed to be the same gender. That's right people the trailers weren't lying: they're the worst of the worst - they're the politically incorrect Although the type of abuse I experienced was childhood and not dating, I find it disgusting that so many "girls actually love seeing joker torment Harley to the point where they will look up scenes of it on YouTube and watch it over and over.

For me it's not about a fight for femnism but more about fighting against the romanticizing of abuse in media. And media just loves to find lonely heart girls to target. They desire a relationship so much that they end up feeling satisfaction from watching couples abuse each other because media passes it off as "love".

Media says abusers hurt you and only you, possess you and isolate you from the rest of the world because they "want" you. I could go on but I'm making myself sick just thinking about it and what I will have to fight against in the future as an abuse counselor.

Thank you very much for writing this much needed article. Search form Search. Culture Screen violence domestic violence comics. Leave this field blank. Thank you for your review of this film. I won't be going to see it anytime soon!

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Harley quinn suicidé squad ass

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