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Profiling and discussing the hottest and sexiest TV Anchor babes around the world. A lot of y'all commentors have been talking about it, Heidi Collins of CNN has really started to climb up the hotness scale with her dress, makeup, hair, etc Here is the hot redhead in a tight mini showing plenty of thigh, they should show her whole legs though.

Heidi with the mighty short skirt, Screencaps courtesy of joeycap at the Wide World of Women forum. Posted by Anchor Man at AM. Holy shit, Heidi Collins is giving the great news women of fox a run for there money. Heidi looks great. I didn't know who she was. I like all the bloggers love to watch the news and daily events around the world but, it is even better when it comes from a hot and intellegent news woman.

She has great taste in style and she still looks very professional. Way to go Heidi Collins. First Kiran Chetry looks good and now this lady. It is the person in charge of wardrobe or the Producers who have upped the quality of the wardrobe. Who can blame them since, when a bunch of nerds complain that clothes aren't cool enough than there is a problem.

Heidi Collins looks great. I just might switched from watching Fox. Check out her other photos on line. Heidi Collins likes to were short skirts. I always thought she was just another boring news chick since they always frame her from the waste up. But, now it appears that the fagget Producers and Directors at CNN are responsible for us not seeing what a sexy news woman she is. She would be a great replacement for that hack Robin Meade. Robin Meade is such an arrogant bitch and her breast implants have no one fooled. To the poster above, are you just expressing your opinion about Robin Meade, or do you have inside info on her?

It would be nice for someone to give us some insider info on her and what she's really like, good or bad. Anchorman, Great job in finding her. I watch a lot of news to keep up with the daily events. Does anyone know when she is on the air? She is on every morning for 2 hours 8 to 10 central, or 9 to 11 Eastern time, depending on where you are.

She is on CNN. The short medical segment is what you really want to watch, if you are looking for the hot leg view. She was wearing some MEN'S hitler jacket that covered up all her cleavage and her skirt was down to her knees. There is not one sexy thing about her. I will stick to watching the sexy women of fox. Who cares about Heidi. Post a Comment. Brick Tamland I would like to extend to you an invitation to the pants party.

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The comments posted on this site do not necessarily reflect our views and are the exclusive opinions of those posters only. Rumors as reported on this blog are not to be taken as factual information and should be regarded as gossip until proved otherwise. Template De Elque TV Anchor Babes. January 17, at AM Anonymous said I've never seen Heid Collins look so hot, those legs look so tasty! January 17, at PM Anonymous said She looks great January 17, at PM Anonymous said Would love to watch that red head bobbin' up and down.

January 18, at AM Anonymous said January 18, at PM Anonymous said And Heidi has million dollar legs! That's one sexy lady! I have been begging for mo Heidi. Now you guys see why! January 19, at AM Anonymous said You guys are just noticing. January 19, at PM Anonymous said January 22, at PM Anonymous said Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Your Ad Here. me at anchorbabes gmail. You stay classy, San Diego. View my complete profile Brick Tamland I would like to extend to you an invitation to the pants party. Disclaimers This site is in no way affiliated with, endorsed by, or in any way connected with any of the individuals profiled.

Heidi collins hot

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