Hot mountain bike girl

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Shit Mountainbike Girls Say. You must to Pinkbike. Don't have an ? up. Video player is disabled while the embed window is open. Size: X. Follow Following. Video info Date Posted Feb 2, at Wow, im learning some German. It's even funnier because it's in German. The loading-the-car part slays me. Rideuse67 Feb 3, at It made laugh soooo hard. And I'd like to say that's brave to put that online, because I know some won't get the humour. Go girls! HitTheDirtGirl Feb 3, at With enough tire levers, anything is possible.

Hahaha, the best ever They are so right! It is essential that a girl must match their bike and jersey. I'm still currently struggling finding matching lip stick and nail polish to match my pink dh bike! Pink is definitely the way forward for bike colour..! Luckily I don't have to worry about make-up.. That said my fox helmet is black with flecks of green and pink just like my bike is pink with bits of green and black..

Perfect match! Sounds cool. Yea I was going to get a pink fox helmet and matching goggles. Then I'd match perfectly! But I'll stick with the nailpolish so no one sees the dirt under my nails when im dh riding Hahah that'd be pretty cool..

I have that problem aaallll the time Haha bad luck mate. Rockstar97 Jul 9, at Amazing but I'm crying a little bit inside, as I'm like that with Purple!! Oh I am sooooo ashamed, I see alot of myself in this vid!!! Lost myself at the 20 billion tyre levers bit, was laughing so hard by then xD. I wonder why all the colleagues around stare at me "? DAMZ Feb 3, at I have never rolled over fucking laughing.

But that got me pretty close. Instant classic!! That is the best shit we say vid ever. I lost it after putting the bike in the car the first time. LaurenB Dec 12, at Ryan Feb 3, at Ryan Feb 4, at I knew that. HomoCommencalis Feb 4, at Blackdog81 Jan 11, at Hot German ladies and very funny ,can they really ride though????

Very funny video. SamtheMut Feb 9, at Rehul86 Jun 19, at How long does it take to get your bike in the car??? Icetiger Feb 3, at Laughed soooooo hard! That was funny! Someone has a good imagination Opinions Feb 3, at One of these days she'll manage to get that bike in her car.

I just remenbered the red "Last" Tshirt! Alan Jan 17, at RuMooN Feb 3, at Rocky Feb 3, at Linuseriksson Feb 3, at Haha so funny. Simonsalmbach Feb 8, at Vukkracing Feb 3, at Spesializzed Feb 16, at All rights reserved. Mobile Version of Website.

Hot mountain bike girl

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