How to open throat chug

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At a certain stage of life, being able to chug a beer can become a necessary skill. Some people are just naturally better at it than others, but there are techniques you can learn that will improve your performance — and if you want to know all the secrets, read on to find out how to chug a beer fast. The first technique for chugging a beer is to use a glass.

The best option is a basic plain pilsener or pale lager. You want something light so that it will go down quickly and then settle in your stomach. By choosing the right glass, you can make things easier for yourself too. Select a mug with a handle to help you grasp the glass, and a larger opening at the top will increase the flow of beer into your mouth. A standard pint glass with no handle is also a good option. The next step is to pour the beer and then to let it sit for a few moments.

The bubbles and froth in beer come from the CO 2 , and just by waiting a few moments before chugging, you will allow more of the CO 2 to dissipate into the atmosphere. A less frothy beer with less CO 2 in it will be easier to chug, so if you are in a competition, try to get your beer poured early and play for time to allow more of the bubbles to disappear.

Before you start chugging, you want to get rid of as much of the CO 2 as possible, and giving the glass a sharp tap on the table is a good way to shake out that bit more. Just before you start chugging, take a deep breath, exhale fully and then lean your head back ready for the beer. This is the part that separates the pros from the dabblers. After taking your breath, lift the glass to your mouth and start pouring the beer in. Your aim here is to open your throat and simply let the beer flow down it into your stomach — if you need to stop to swallow or breathe, you block the flow of beer down your throat, increasing the amount of time it takes for the beer to go down.

As when chugging from a glass, the first step is to select your beer. When chugging from a can, the main thing that will slow you down is the flow of air. For beer to flow out of the can smoothly and quickly, air needs to be able to flow into the can to replace it — otherwise, it will get blocked and the beer will come out in gulps.

To solve this problem, you need to make an incision in the top of the can, so take a knife or a pair of scissors and puncture the can on the top next to the regular opening. Then, when you start chugging, the air will flow into one hole as the beer flows out of the other. Once the can is prepared with an extra hole, place one finger over the hole, take a deep breath like when drinking from a glass , lift the can to your mouth and tilt your head back. As the beer begins to flow, release your finger from the hole to allow air into the can and the beer will rapidly begin to pour out into your mouth.

The beer will now flow freely out of the can and into your mouth, so just as with a glass, relax your throat and let gravity help the beer go down. As with the first method, try not to breathe or gulp because this will slow the flow of beer into your stomach. Shotgunning a can of beer is a variation on technique 2, and for some people, this is the best and fastest way of chugging there is.

As above, choose a beer that is light, not too bubbly and not too strong — for the same reasons as above. The trick to shotgunning a can of beer is to make a hole in the side of the can close to the bottom. To do this, lay the can on its side and use a knife to open a hole about an inch from the bottom.

The hole should be about the size of your thumbnail. Once you have pierced the can, fold back the metal so the beer will be able to flow out of the hole. You need to tip the can up, putting the hole to your mouth while simultaneously opening the can at the top. This will allow air to enter at the top, causing the beer to flow out quickly at the bottom from the hole you made. All you need to do now is let the beer pour into your mouth and down your throat as usual.

The fourth variation uses a bottle with a straw inserted to allow air to flow in and beer to flow out. Without the straw, the beer will come out much slower. As with all the methods, choose a suitable beer, this time in a bottle. You will also need a regular straw — one that bends is best.

Remove the top from the beer and put the straw in the top. If you have a bendy straw, bend it so the straw is pointing away from your face. As ever, take a deep breath, lean your head back slightly, put the bottle to your mouth — with the end of the straw poking out — and pour the beer in. As with all the other methods, the idea is to relax your throat and just let the beer flow down it. If you try to take gulps or stop to breathe, it will take longer to finish the job. With the straw poking out of the bottle, air can get inside, which will cause the beer to flow out quicker.

Without a straw, you will find it takes much longer to finish the beer. Not everyone can master the trick of opening their throat to allow the beer to pour in directly. If you hold the bottle or can at a sharp angle, gravity will help get the job done. All you then need to worry about is opening your throat to let the beer go down.

For a more sophisticated version of the bottle-and-straw technique, you can use something known as a bottle bong or a bottle snorkel. These are tubes that are placed on the top of the bottle to let the beer out with another tube providing the airflow. Using a device like this can speed up how quickly beer comes out of the bottle, improving your chugging times.

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How to open throat chug

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