I let my dog lick my penis

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My dog sometimes lick my eyes and 1 time lick my pennis very shortly while I take shower What I want to know is that does different result come out when saliva enter into eyes or into mouse or enter into other body pennis membrane. Or Same disease come out regardless of entering part. Thanks in advance. Please files to [ protected] , if you would like to more. Thanks for choosing Doctorspring. There are lots of diseases that can be spread from a dog's saliva.

Not only bacterial but even a lot of worms can be passed on to your body which can manifest as a disease. Most commonly dogs can pass on Roundworm, Ringworms, Rabies If not vaccinated , scabies, or lyme disease. So you have to be extremely careful regarding this in the future.

Its better to wash your hand immediately if possible whenever you come in contact with a dog's saliva. Its better to wash your hand with dettol to kill the germs quickly. Worms can even be spread through direct contact with the dog if a deworming schedule has not been followed properly for the dog. Kindly make sure that the dog comes nowhere near your private part in the future because these areas are extra sensitive for infections.

Do get back to us for further queries, Regards. Thanks for your answer. May I ask last question. Thank you very much Thanks for trusting us. There's no such specific penis related disease which gets transmitted through dog's saliva. And moreover since you were in the shower, i am sure whatever little saliva was there it got washed away immediately.

So there's nothing to worry about. However i will advise you again to make sure it doesn't happen in the future. Mostly humans get worms even from their pet dogs and it can make your life miserable. So make sure each time you come in contact with your dog's saliva, try to clean it as soon as possible.

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I let my dog lick my penis

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I let my dog lick my cock and balls