Infrared fart camera

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I'm a certified thermographer. This looks fake. He is probably holding a gas canister in his unseen left hand. Methane can be picked up but it would be extremely difficult, the stream is to concentrated to be coming through fabric and staying so concentrated that far out. A fart would be nearly the same temperature as the body and would be a fine spread out vapor across the whole back section where it slowly pushes up and out the fibers of the clothing. I imagine you guys staged this, got the camera adjusted then made it look as much like a fart as possible.

Next time put fabric over the gas canister nozzle to disperse the gas with a more natural appearance. It's fake. I used to be a firefighter and we tried very hard to reproduce this with a real thermal camera. No dice. While the experiment was a failure, the evening was a raucous success.

Also, I take it warm is indicated as bright and cold as dark. The gas is black. Gas from an aerosol can would be very cold, right? Sooooo would it look like this? Also, on a thermal camera, the fart gas would be warm, appearing whiter. This is dark black, indicating a cold, compressed gas. I agree this is certainly staged. Using thermal imaging equipment is part of my daily job and the display in this gif is showing 'white hot' and the 'fart' is black, meaning it is very cold, relative to the surface temperature of everything else in the frame. A fart coming from a warm rectum would not black in this setting it would be white.

Was coming to post something along these lines. Flir cameras can pick up on stuff like a fart we currently use a version for picking up residual heat inside a plant , but the chance that it comes out like this is slim to none due to the bodyheat vs fart heat.

I'm not a certified thermographer and it just looks fake as hell. He's obviously hiding something from the camera with his left hand. What is it exactly that you do with a thermography certification? Found the internet! Giant fart picked up on thermal camera. Posted by 7 years ago. Sort by: best. View discussions in 3 other communities. Continue this thread. It's from SNL. Don't take this from me. What is a certified thermographer? More posts from the funny community. Created Jan 25, Top posts june 6th Top posts of june, Top posts Back to Top.

Infrared fart camera

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Fart Infrared Camera