Is chara a boy or girl

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Click to Create . to FJ. Click to . Log in with Gmail. Shortcuts: "C" opens comments. Scroll to post? Spoiler Image. Back to the content 'good lewd'. Okay I got like a very basic understanding of what Undertale is I thought there was only one Wrong about Chara being a girl. Both Frisk and Chara never have their gender specified at any point, and are both supposed to be interpreted by the player. Basically, Frisk is made to be a self insert, and Chara is kind of a bit of a red herring, but is also left with ambiguous gender, neither Chara or Frisk ever have any gender-specific terms used about them.

When did Toby say that? Everything I've ever seen says that Chara is left ambiguous, and having played through the game multiple times now, I don't recall anything in game ever saying Chara's gender, female or no. Just tried searching through toby's entire tweet history and see nothing mentioned about Chara's gender. Do you have a link to the tweet in question?

Cause I would assume if he had actually ever said this, it would be, i dunno, ANYWHERE at all, but as it stands, the wiki doesn't say it, i don't see it in his timeline, and you are the only person I've ever seen who insists that Chara IS a specified gender. Per :. First 2 3 Last Next.

Is chara a boy or girl

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[UNDERTALE] is chara female or male