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The first season had five special episodes , with some airing after select episodes. Several after-hours specials have aired on MTV following select episodes along with various specials. The end of each season has been accompanied by a reunion show. Additionally, there have been a of internet specials exclusively on MTV.

For the first quarter of , season 1 of Jersey Shore was the highest-rated original cable series among to year-olds, with a season-high 2. The love triangle gets even more intense when Ronnie catches Sammi giving her to another guy. And a housemate chooses to leave the Shore for good. Viewers: 4. On January 29, , MTV announced that a second season of the series consisting of 13 episodes had been ordered and would air in Summer The second season began on July 29, Like season 1 , this season featured special episodes titled Jersey Shore: Hook-Up.

The Situation reunites with his Canadian hottie, providing entertainment for the whole house. And Angelina tells her roommates how she really feels about them, sending Snooki into a frenzy. Upon re-airing, the episode received 3.

Viewers: 3. Season 3 was shot back in Seaside Heights , New Jersey over the summer; [39] filming began on July 25, and ended on September 4, Although the season is widely reported and regarded as the third season of the show, MTV refers to it as a continuation of season 2 on their website.

New roommate Deena moves into the house and is welcomed by some of the roommates. The house gets off to an interesting start when Snooki confronts Vinny about him and her best friend Ryder and Deena "accidentally" gets naked in front of Mike.

Leftover tension from Miami spills over to Seaside Heights when new girl Deena gets into a heated argument with Sammi which le to a fist fight between Sammi and Jenni ending in a cliffhanger. Despite Ronnie and Sammi's break up, their arguing is causing problems in the house. Ronnie confronts Mike about Miami which ends up into a heated argument in the kitchen but Mike ultimately apologizes to Ron to calm him down.

JWoww goes on a date with Roger but keeps getting interrupted by his friends. Shortly after, the girls convince Sammi to go out and take a break from the tension between her and Ronnie but when Ronnie finds out he gets mad and starts to wreck their room and throwing Sammi's belongings onto the porch, including the bed on which she was standing. The roommates hear the ruckus and realize that this was not just an argument but a physical altercation between Sam and Ron. Sammi goes on a ram throwing fists, threatening and breaking the door and blinds.

Ronnie also has to get held back. Sammi immediately goes out with the girls and starts to make Ronnie jealous by dancing with another guy. Ronnie leaves the club and returns home only to destroy all of Sammi's belongings. He breaks down crying and when Sammi returns home she sees the mess and also breaks down realizing that she does not deserve this. She calls a cab, says goodbye to everyone and leaves the Shore. Ronnie is shocked to see Sammi return. At the club, he tries to get back on her good side but she gives him the cold shoulder for now.

Snooki tells Sam that she has feelings for Vinny but is heartbroken when she finds him "smushing" a girl he brought home from the club. The gang goes out bowling and realize Deena is a bad driver and Sammi and Jenni try to get Vinny to talk to Snooki about her feelings and their relationship. Then the roommates finally cannot stand the clogged toilet and decide to call a plumber who finds a tank top in the toilet.

Ronnie, Sam, and Snooki play a prank on Mike by covering his bed with grated cheese that causes him to believe the girl he brought home has a yeast infection and Vinny and Snooki finally talk about their relationship. ET before the series premiere of Skins.

Viewers: 5. It was the first to be shot overseas, this time following the cast in Florence, Italy. The fourth season aired for 12 episodes and finished airing on October 20, Jersey Shore was renewed for a fifth season. Filming started weeks after their return from Italy, June 27, [76] and ended August 1, It premiered on January 5, and follows the cast returning to Seaside Heights , New Jersey after spending the fourth season in Italy.

Snooki fights with Jionni, and the roommates are back to their usual antics- partying and tanning to the extreme. Vinny ultimately leaves the house. The roommates struggle to adjust to life at the shore without Vinny, while The Situation confronts his own internal demons. But it's also Pauly D's birthday -- and he gets the best present of his life! Mike deals with jealousy and storms out of the house.

The Situation returns only to find out that Danny has threatened to get new roommates. The girls hire strippers for Pauly D and The Situation's wild birthday party. The night out turns ugly when Sammi gets into a huge bar fight. The cast then goes to Staten Island to get back Vinny. Vinny returns and everyone celebrates. The Situation tries hard to be nice but ends up annoying the boys.

Snooki struggles with an uncomfortable condition. On March 19, , MTV confirmed that the series would return for a sixth season at Seaside Heights, with the whole cast returning. Snooki, being pregnant, lived next door to the shore house.

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Jersey shore audition tapes

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