John oliver cuck

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Lol this is like a cuckfest over here filled with people laughing at John Oliver's failed meme. Witness a wild cuck in its natural habitat. The cuck believes a foreign creature is one of its own species. The cuck is not a predator. The cuck is now trying to introduce logic into his discourse with a superior being, not realizing a cucks voice, life, and opinion do not matter. The cuck is now offended about its unfortunate circumstances Life and is attempting to project its feelings.

The cuck is not very nimble. You're not getting it in the EU? I'm from Austria and have no issues watching it. Don't need a VPN. This is somewhat off topic, but trebuchets are so fucking cool it's not even funny. Being from a society without that technology and being besieged by a society that did, would make you humble in a hurry. Sitting behind city walls while the dudes outside threw fucking boulders all up in your shit would make you think you were under attack by wizard giants from hell, when all is was was some guys with logs and a little moxie.

Don't think this will have any effect in swaying people from voting for drumpf unfortunately, if they cared about reality they wouldn't be voting for him in the first place. Anybody who understands or cares about politics was already aware that the wall was completely impractical and a very visible appeal to the right's racist voters. Let's make breakfast great again. Working hand-in-hand with Donald J. Drumpf we can ensure that every man, woman, and child has access to a Palmer Waffle Iron. I think almost nothing can at this point.

Normally I'd say nothing short of punting a baby like a football but even that would be wrong and their reaction would be "God Emperor Trump kicks cuck baby! This comment has been overwritten by an open source script to protect this user's privacy. It was created to help protect users from doxing, stalking, and harassment. If you would also like to protect yourself, add the Chrome extension TamperMonkey , or the Firefox extension GreaseMonkey and add this open source script. Also, please consider using Voat.

Can't say Jon Stewart should be ashamed of changing his last name when you did the same is hypocrisy. Jon Stewart changed his name, Donald Trump never changed his name. See how stupid that argument is? Edgy 4channers with their impeccable comedic talent think that instead of criticizing Oliver on substance they can't most of the time , say "its the current year". Let's make this dream a reality. my petition if you believe every American is entitled to a Palmer Waffle Iron! The alpha-cuck is attempting to assert its dominance, not realizing that a cuck is still a cuck.

I like that you are taking me seriously, it shows us how thin skinned you are. Sure, whatever bullshit pops into your 12 year old, virgin mind. I could really go for a 31ft DeWalt ladder right about now. I'm in england and it says its not available in my country. England is pretty shite tbh Sincerely, Holland. England gave us John Oliver. And cricket. But mainly John Oliver. The dutch are just gay germans, is that some shit brits also say? Lemme get my catapult and just toss the video over. Why do people still have issues with regionally filtered Youtube videos? Don't think this will have any effect in swaying people from voting for drumpf I think almost nothing can at this point.

Can't wait for the Trump subreddit to put forth such comedic gems to make fun of this video. That's the entire reason Oliver even wanted to do that segment. He worked with Stewart. Go away. Fuck this guy is a moron, McCarthy did nothing wrong. Yes you can't attack the argument so attack the man. I am disappointed in how low energy your comment is. Look at the dumb European mocking a proposition for national security.

John oliver cuck

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