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Insp Playlist Moodboard Preview 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 Finale. Blue Christmas Wonho. King Jackson and His Princess Jackson. Lovesick Wonho. Carnivore Changkyun. Revisiting GOT7. Selenophillia Jonghyun Tribute Song. BamBam1A : he finally become a real mom. All this taxing us regular ppl but cant tax the richest mofos in the world this piss me all the way off.

I swear they trying to take every little bit of money we make! You can be taxed?!?! How much sense does that even make They claim itll only be for goods and services that will be tax but how they going to knw the difference like that. And the irs actually proposed this whole plan. Warnings and Themes: blood and gore, female reader, royalty! Summary: Once upon a time, there was a beautiful castle, and in it was a beautiful prince.

Heard this one before, right? Of course, you know in the story, the heroine and the prince eventually fall in love, the villains get their just desserts, and everyone else lives happily ever after. This story is different. Once upon a time, in this beautiful castle with the beautiful prince lurks something sinister and monstrous.

There was something eerie about this place. It was dark and cold. Light only seemed to filter in from the full moon outside, guiding your tread the otherwise pitch-black hall. The only sound was your heels slowly clicking on the stone floor. There was no one in sight.

A bolt of lightning lit up the hall for a brief second, before plunging you back into darkness. You whirled around, the hem of your gown emitting a light swishing noise. Where was everyone? Better yet, where were you? The figure was only a silhouette, but you figured it was a man by the shape. Rather than being relieved by the appearance of another person, a sick feeling filled your stomach. The man slowly made his way towards you, and you took a small, fearful step back.

The clicking of his shoes now ed your breathing. Lighting struck again, right as the figure stopped about five feet from you. The first thing you noticed was his eyes. They were a cold black but held a soft look of concern. His skin was pale white, akin to the moon that was outside only moments before, contrasted by medium-length black hair that framed his face.

To you, this man was a sad sort of beautiful. He held an air of royalty and mystery. You were filled with a strong urge to comfort the man, but your body remained still. When he rose once more, a small smile was etched on his soft lips. Something told you not to give Jaebeom your name. It was as if, you let it slip from your lips, something very terrible would be unleashed.

No need to worry. He took a slight step back, and it was suddenly as if your body was released from an invisible restraint. Your eyes drifted to the art piece on the wall to your right. It was nighttime in the painting, and the usual golden leaves of the outlying forest were bare. The building itself appeared worn and crumbling, as if abandoned and lost to the unforgiving elements. The man followed your gaze, and a soft chuckle left his lips. Jaebeom raised his hand and delicately ran a finger along the ornate, silver frame.

As you watched him, the sleeve of his white tunic fell from his wrist, revealing a small scar in the shape of a crescent. The scar seemed more like a tattoo or a birthmark, its raven coloring a stark contrast from the paleness of his skin. Your eyes trailed up his fingers before landing on a large silver ring nestled at the base of his middle finger. Another flash of lightning reflected off the onyx stone set within. As you stared at the ring, you were filled with a sense of familiarity.

Where have you seen that stone before? The ghostly man turned towards you with a wide, closed-mouth smile. What are you doing wandering around at night dressed in your finest robes? Far from it. Jaebeom cocked his head slightly at that, his eyebrows furrowed. You have an air of regalness about you, one only a princess could have about them. Why did this man seem so charming? This was an unfamiliar place hosting an unfamiliar man. Yet, this man, despite originally making you feel unsettled, was eliciting an aura of trust. He was smirking now.

Tentatively, you placed your small hand in his. His breath ghosted over your lips, and he reveled in your shudder. What's Up? What is your Contribution, Loyal Subject? Top Photos. Recently Liked. Another bolt of lightning and the hairs on your neck stood on end.

King takes queen tumblr

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King takes Queen