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Doug Winters, questioned during a preliminary hearing, testified that the woman said Bryant repeatedly asked her not to tell anyone and made her promise not to before letting her leave his room June 30 at an Edwards, Colo. The hearing, which included riveting testimony from Winters and contentious questioning from Bryant attorney Pamela Mackey, lasted more than five hours and ended without a decision on whether Bryant will stand trial on a felony sexual assault charge. He has denied raping the woman, saying that they had consensual sex.

The hearing was covered by some reporters and camera crews, most of whom were forced to stay outside because the proceeding took place in a small courtroom and was closed to cameras and recording devices. Many experts were surprised there was any testimony at all, anticipating the defense would waive its right to a hearing and let Bryant plead not guilty at an arraignment. He arrived 90 minutes before the hearing with his attorneys, bodyguards and agent. Winters testified that the woman told him the encounter began with mutual flirting during a tour of the resort and ended with forced vaginal intercourse while she leaned over a chair.

Bryant held her neck throughout the five-minute assault, the woman told Winters. Afterward, the woman cleaned up in the bathroom, promised Bryant not to tell anyone what happened, then ran downstairs to the lobby, meeting a bellman who had seen the pair during the tour of the hotel, the woman told Winters.

The woman drove home and made her allegations to police the next day. Under cross-examination from Bryant attorney Mackey, Winters said he saw no bruises on the woman during the interviews. He also said the woman told a nurse at a Glenwood Springs hospital that evening that Bryant had insisted she kiss his penis before allowing her to leave his hotel room -- something the woman did not tell Winters. The detective said she had told him she bled from the assault. Gregory Crittenden. The judge called for a recess, emptying the courtroom and telling attorneys from both sides to meet him in his chambers.

Winters said he did not even see the bruise on her jaw during his interview with her. After Winters said he had indeed examined the woman for injuries, Mackey asked if he could see the bruises. Most legal experts had predicted that the defense would waive the hearing and go directly to trial, speculating that lurid testimony in open court would be damaging to Bryant.

Observers thought she succeeded. Crittenden conducted the direct examination of the detective, which surprised some legal analysts because the attorney had suffered a seizure in court during a murder trial 48 days ago. However, Mark Hurlbert, the district attorney who brought the charge against Bryant, and Ingrid Bakke, a deputy district attorney and sexual assault specialist on loan from Boulder County, let Crittenden do all the talking. The cross-examination will continue Wednesday, and Gannett hinted that he might close the remainder of the hearing.

It is unclear whether Bryant was in custody at the time of the interview and whether he was read his Miranda rights. Wearing a dark blazer and mustard-colored polo shirt without a tie, he walked inside through a metal detector.

There was no word about when he would re the team, although he vowed last week to play this season. Bryant was in Eagle County last June for knee surgery, which was performed the morning after the sexual encounter. Winters said Bryant arrived at the hotel with two bodyguards and met the woman while she was checking them in. She showed them to his room on the first floor, and Bryant pulled her aside and asked her to come back later to give him a tour.

During the tour, Bryant complimented the woman on her appearance and her height. He invited her to his room, and Winters initially said she lifted her dress to show him a tattoo on her back. Bryant then hugged her, which led to about five minutes of consensual kissing, the detective testified. The kissing led to groping and the woman, according to the detective, began to resist.

Winters said she could still breathe. Bryant forced her over a chair, let go of her neck with one hand and pulled down her panties. Henson was a sports writer and editor at The Times from All Sections. About Us. B2B Publishing. Business Visionaries.

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