Lady of the lake warhammer

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Ladrielle , the "Lady of Mists," is an Elven Goddess and the protector of all things that are hidden or lost, as well as the patron of travellers in the wilderness. By tradition, she is the only goddess who still walks the mortal world , and there are tales of her coming to the aid of those lost amidst the mists of Yvresse or upon the trackless ocean. Her worship is therefore chiefly observed in those cities, such as Lothern and Tor Yvresse , where Elven wanderlust has never faded.

In most depictions, Ladrielle's face is always hidden by a veil, but many Elves assume she is the most beautiful of goddesses. Others, however, suspect she is merely a guise adopted by another deity, one whose true aspect is concealed behind the ashen silk. In fact, those who suspected that the goddess had another identity were the closest to the truth.

She appeared to have taken refuge in Bretonnia under the guise of the Lady of the Lake after the arrival of the Chaos Gods and the Great Catastrophe , just as Isha had possessed Ariel and Kurnous had become Orion. Warhammer Wiki Explore. The World. Stubborn till Death by kingmong Enanos. the Crusade! Add sources! Greenskins Dark Elves Ogre Kingdoms. Vampire Counts Tomb Kings. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an ? History Talk 0. Do you like this video? Play Sound. The Eltharin rune for Ladrielle.

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Lady of the lake warhammer

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Is it true that the Lady of the Lake is actually a Wood Elf?